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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Italy

4802 Entries Found: Page 2  of  178
In the Mediterranean, when you see a white & orange spot, only three-four centimeters long,.. it is definitely a Cratena!Photo taken at "La Formica" dive site, in Sicily_October2022
Close-up of Mediterranean moray_2021
Cratena Peregrina close up.Clearly visible the white coiled egg-ribbons typical of this beautiful nudibranch and orange hydroids (main food source) which give the same color to the dorsal cerata.
Cratena nudibranch_close up the intense orange of cerata acting as extension of digestive tract with same color of food source (hydroids)_2022
A close up look at Felimare tricolor nudibranch_2022
A pair of Cratena nudibranchs photographed in the sea of Sicily_2022
Felimare tricolor_2022
Iconic Flabellina, always beautiful to see_2022
When I come across a Cratena peregrina, I always take some time to observe and enjoy the view of its wonderful colors!_2022
Beautiful Elysia_2022
Mating (or fighting?) behaviour of a couple of Cratena nudibranchs photographed this summer at La Formica dive site, Sicily_2022
Pink flatworm ( Prostheceraeus roseus)of Mediterranean sea_2022
Brightly colored Cratena_2022
Doris tricolor_2022
Tripterygion delaisi female_2022
poor visibilty although dept was -44 mtrs . i had to get very close to avoid scatter
Green Elysia_2022
A common cute nudibranch_2022
Mediterranean moray eel_2021
Cratena nudibranch_2022
Flabellina affinis_2022
Parablennius pilicornis_2022
(Canon 100,1/250,f11,iso100)
Stagger Hermodice carunculata it was crowling on a rock side
Beautiful Cratena posing on the seabed_2022
visibility was pretty bad , got into the gorgonias at abt -40mtr
Cratena nudibranch mating_2022
Lovely Elysia_2022
4802 Entries Found: Page 2  of  178

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