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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Egypt

9966 Entries Found: Page 361  of  370
Moray taken at Sharksbay, Sharm el Sheikh with Olympus C60.
lion fish
mi avoret
I found this huge barracuda at the end of the dive in Eel Garden, Ras Mohamed Park taken with Olympus E-300.
Fancy a Bite?
Photo was taken at Ras Mohammed (Shark observatory) with a olympus c60
Octopus taken in Ras Mohamed Park with Olympus E300.
WHOA! Swimming into a small cave/crevice on a night dive in the Red Sea I came face-to-face with this fine fellow. Blue Spot Sting Ray. Housed Nikon F; Niko Mar III housing; 24mm Nikkor lens. Enjoy!
Red Sea Turtle!
Close-up shot at Woodhouse Reef coral garden, Strait of Tiran.
Erich Reboucas
Crocodile Fish. El Quesir, Red Sea, Egypt. Fascinating fish but camoflage makes it difficult to get an exciting picture! (Nikonos V, 15mm lens + SB105 Flash)
Jacks taken at Sharks Observatory, Ras Mohamed Park with Olympus C60.
peaceful, graceful and tranquil,
Female "Broomtail wrasse" taken at Shark Observatory, Ras Mohamed Park with Olympus Evolt 300
Whattchu lookin at ? Devilfish in Red Sea, Sharm.... Olympus Mju300 no extras..
Moray close up at night. Canon A95, built in flash.
SS Thistlegorm
Very cute smiling parrot fish !! Taken with Olympus Mju 300 in the Red Sea.
Hawkfish taken at Shark Observatory, Ras Mohamed Park with Olympus C60.
Coral Trout. Shot with Nikon F4. A beautiful fish is prime condition, quite shy at first but soon become inquisitive enough to pose.
Yellow Boxfish, El Quesir, Canyon, Red Sea, Egypt. Taken using Nikonos V, 15mm lens + SB105 Flash
BRING IN THE ......! Not the tuffest capture - however, beautiful and relatively rare; yellowspot nudibranch. Housed Nikon F; Niko Mar III housing; 55mm auto-micro Nikkor lens; Red Sea. Enjoy!
snorkelers, taken from the wall of the Blue Hole in Dahab
Giant moray taken at Shark reef, Ras Mohamed Park with Olympus C60 camera.
Sharm el Sheikh
Scorpion fish taken behind Yolanda reef, Ras Mohamed Park with Olympus C60
The HUGE Wreck of Salem Express a Ferry Ship that Sank 1998 and was carring 2000 persons their cars and cargo.
SS Thistlegorm, locomotive on deck
Calm Sea After dive ... As good as it can be.
9966 Entries Found: Page 361  of  370

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