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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Netherlands Antilles

2378 Entries Found: Page 20  of  89
nice teeths
I have my eye on you
Getting close to the end of our dive, I found this anchor (everyone else swam over it as if it wasn't there) and decided it was a good subject to get a sun ball into the picture. After about 10 shots, I got this one, which I really liked.
I spent a little bit of time with this blenny trying to get him to be confident in my presence. After about 10 minutes I got this shot.
I spotted this trumpetfish hanging out over a reddish coloured sponge. I got as close as I could and waited hoping he would come out enough for a full head shot. After 5 minutes, I decided he wasn't so I did this eye-shot instead.
While in Bonaire I had time on the House Reef to experiment taking pictures of one my favorite subjects - Christmas Tree Worms. I tried this new angle and was pleased. This is straight from the camera. no crop, no edit (did add copyright.)
I was trying to get a face shot of a grouper when this French Angelfish decided to swim in front of my camera and pose. So I took the picture of her, and it turned out better than I expected.
You know what happen that night! Front Porch Bonaire and Thanks to my friend Dan H.
Green Sea Turtle Portrait
Timing is everything as the anemone dances in the surge.
blue and pink
Moray eel
Green Sea Turtle Portrait
Secretary blenny - Bonaire
Sharks and Gulls!
Ringed Blenny Starksia hassi Bonaire
This guy is old... He has wrinkles!
Jack-O-Lantern! Something Special. Bonaire
Squid at dive site Country Garden, Bonaire.
Comfortable resting spot
THe resident grouper at Capt Don's House Reef
At Capt Don's House Reef.
Small crab. Was actually taken in Saba.
Slender File Fish at Carl's Hill Klein Bonaire
My New Friends
If you’re diving Bonaire and are looking for something to do for the surface day before you fly visit the Donkey Sanctuary. Buy some carrots and you are now their best friend, great cause that’ll give you a warm and fuzzy.
2378 Entries Found: Page 20  of  89

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