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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Netherlands Antilles

2361 Entries Found: Page 71  of  88
A cow fish not at all shy found in Saba
Eye to Eye with a French Angelfish.
Picture taken during a surface break between dives in a lagoon on the east point of Curacao. The helicopter came by to check us out!
Wideband Tube-Dwelling Anemone, Bonaire
Hello, welcome to my home, Bonaire.
"Who you calling skinny"!!
Taken at Bullenbaai, on the south coast of Curacao.
Potted Cleaner Shrimp, Bonaire
Between - Image taken in Bonaire with a Nikon D100, Aquatica housing, 105mm lens, Ikelite strobes.
French Angel Fish in Bullenbaai, south coast of Curacao
Elusive Barred Hamlet.
Found these two yesterday, at Porto Marie, on the south coast of Curacao. Followed them for five minutes and they stuck together like glue. Must be love!!!
French Angelfish, Something Special, Bonaire 2008
B & W of my wife in Bonaire.
A little juvenile French Angelfish in Bonaire.
Another large crustacean, this time off the north shore of Curacao at Playa Canoa.
Redlip Blenny (Ophioblennius macclurei) on Bonaire.
Banded Butterflyfish from Bonaire.
Another Crab seen in Bullenbaai on the south coast of Curacao. This one was about five centimeters across and was trying to hide!
I was very happy to find this little juvenile Puddingwife (Halichoeres radiatus) in Bonaire.
Found this crab today at Bullenbaai on the south coast of Curacao.
Another Flamingo Tongue, Bonaire. Taken with Canon S70.
Stoplight Parrotfish, Bonaire 2008
A little Slender Filefish from Bonaire.
French angel circling soft corals - Saba
free-swimming octopus at hilma hooker, bonaire
Green sea turtle - Saba
Gray Angelfish, Bonaire 2008
2361 Entries Found: Page 71  of  88

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