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Goby and eggs

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Netherlands

915 Entries Found: Page 3  of  34
Pike in action!
Selfie with my favorite pike
Cute Silurus glanis
Selfie with a beautiful pike
Tench, a very shy fish.
Mating Flamingo Tongues. Shot in Bonaire July 2022. Olympus E-LP10, 60mm, Backscatter mini-flash with Snoot.
Goby in 'het Grevelingenmeer' in the Netherlands. This is the largest salt water lake in the Netherlands.
Taken inside of a small wreck in Bonaire. A lot of fish hides in the wreck.
Small snail in afresh water lake. Who says fresh water is boring?
The eye of a big pike. Taken in a freshwaterlake in the Netherlands.
Fish in a freshwaterlake in the sun.
A red eared turtle. Officially not living in my country, but when people free their pets, they can live here. They don't get progeny here. This turtle is only seen about twice a year, it is really shy.
This picture is taken in the Grevelingen in the Netherlands. No clear blue waters, but always a little bit murky green water. And also colorful.
An picture taken from under ice of a skater. Never seen such clear ice before.
This small pipefish lives in the Netherlands in 'het Grevelingenmeer'.
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 2022

Final RoundThrough to 2022 awards final round judging
Diving in the channels of Amsterdam. Normally diving forbidden, but we got a special permit. It was a nice experience to see the Dutch capital from under water. This gives a complete different picture of where Amsterdam is famous for.
Beautiful 'Ringsprietslak' in the dark murky waters of the Netherlands.
I wanted to create the illusion with this photo that this slug is crawling through a hoop...
Duiklocatie Boschmolenplas, Panheel.
Podiceps cristatus
Duiklocatie Boschmolenplas
Duiklocatie Boschmolenplas
915 Entries Found: Page 3  of  34

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