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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Philippine Sea

7606 Entries Found: Page 10  of  282
Olympus EM1X
Clownfish in Anemone
Chromodoris sp. on talisay point
Orange face on Talisay
Looks a seadragon but not know whats is realy is...
Ambon Crinoid Shrimp, Featherstar Shrimp
Juvenile Sepioteuthis lessoniana (bigfin reef squid) during a blackwater dive
Spider shrimp
Relaxing pufferfish in soft coral
Anemone Shrimp Periclimenes brevicarpalis
Make light with a torch outside on blue sponge tube and see whats is inside
Shot taken with Olympus TG6 and a torch.
Taken on Madarinepoint CFD Moalboal (Nightdive)
Juvenile paper nautilus (Argonauta argo) during a blackwater dive.
Emperor Shrimps on blue Seastar
Facelina rhodopos
Barbie frogfish
Hypselodoris apolegma laying the eggs
Neopetrolisthes maculatus with eggs.
Hippocampus bargibanti
Antennarius striatus
2nd place Monthly HotShots shortlistedShortlisted!
Sheep nudi from Dauin, Philippines using TG6 microscope mode with +5 diopter and video light. With a subject this small,I rely more on the LCD to see anything.
Happy blenny
Chromodoris annae
Costasiella sp.
7606 Entries Found: Page 10  of  282

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