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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Tyrrhenian Sea

2573 Entries Found: Page 6  of  96
Cratena,a favorite of macro photographers_2022
Diving around Lo Scoglio della Formica in the sea of Casteldaccia .A front shot of a beautiful Mediterranean Cratena_2022
Tricolor nudibranch, a frequent subject in the latter period.Easy to photograph for its bright colors.Others will probably follow! La Formica_2022.
A close-up look at delicate colors of this Felimare fontandraui nudi just photographed in Sicily_2022.
Usually found on sea grass, around 20 meters deep, this Hypselodoris wanted to be photographed by me. He posed and moved slowly. Perfect for focusing! Hypselodoris tricolor_2022
Closeup beautiful Mediterranean nudibranch_2022 (Canon100,1/250,f20,iso160)
Pagurus photo_2022
Trypterigion Tripteronotum_2022
Serpula vermicularis_2022
Orange eyed nudibranch_2022
Bavosa bianca_2022
Tricolor nudibranch_2022
Hypselodoris tricolor_2022
Felimare fontandraui_2022
Felimida Khroni_2022
My sea_2022
Chromodoris Khroni_2022
Trypterigion fish_2022
Vermocane_detail of dorsal bristles which are similar to glass needles and give it a flocky effect_2022
Elysia timida_2022
Tricolor nudi_2022
(Canon 100mm,t1/250,f/20,iso160)
Mediterranean nudibranch_2022
Parablennius rouxi_2022
(Canon 100mm,t1/200,f/8,iso125)
Nice one mate , so photogenic!
The last safety stop was accompained by this nice hermit crab_La Formica dive site_Sicily_2022
(Canon 100mm,t1/250,f/14,iso125)
Dardanus arrosor_2022
La Formica_Casteldaccia_2022
2573 Entries Found: Page 6  of  96

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