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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By John M Akar

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Coral banded shrimp detail - Canon 10D. Stuck my hand out for a clean and took the shot whilst it sat there
Carpet Bagger. Cannon 10D. Lembeh. Bangai Cardinal in what would traditioanlly be a clown fish's ancestral home
Octopus - Lembeh Cannon 10D. Took patience and a number of shots but it finally flashed purple!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
A nice ID shot, always popular with photo libraries
Bat - Lembeh Cannon 10D. Hovering around a cleaning station
Lembeh - Cannon 10D. I've never seen an idol with such a long banner
Bluering - Cannon 10d Lembeh. How the dive guide spotted this one I'll never know.
Where ever I lay my hat. Lembeh. Cannon 10D. Could be a great home if the bottle is full of the right stuff!
Nudi. Cannon 10d Lembeh. on the beatiful wreck
Gold Medal Gold Medal 2005

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
We all love nudis and always notice a species weve not seen before
Flamenco - Lembeh. Cannon 10D. The only thing missing is the sound of the castanets!
Ready for battle. Cannon 10D. Lembeh. The mantis in the picture was squaring up against its reflection in my camera. Couldn't get any closer for fear of broken glass!
Strolling - Cannon 10D. Lembeh. This fella was changing spots by taking a leisurely stroll across the sea bed
My best side - Cannon 10D. Looks like snakeskin!
Found! - Cannon 10D, twin strobe. Just can't resist taking shots of clowns!
Curly Xeno - Lembeh, Canon D10. First time I've seen one of these critters not hugging the whip coral
Puckerup! Manadarin fish in Manado - seemed very interested in my red target light so got really close. Not sure if he wanted to fight or kiss!
Shaft. Derewan. MMIII. Dusk dive to get the sun shining through the jetty's supports and try to catch the resident snappers. Several dusk dives later ....
Purple kiss. Derewan MMIII. Seemed a shame to interrupt their fun but ...
hide and seek. Bonaire. MM IIEX. This juvenile box fish and I danced around each other for several minutes before I could get the shot
Bluey - MMIII Derewan. Loved the colours and posture of this nudi and if you look closely there's a bonus fish in bottom left of photo
Stag party. Cancun MMIIEX.
Lanterns. Cancun. MMIIEX. This anemone just glowed. It's what I imagine an alien landscape to look like
Pastels/ Derewan MMIII. Last shot on a dusk dive. Don't know what they are but great colouring
Sentinel. Porcelain Crab. Derewan. MMIII. Was taking shots of panda clowns when their bodyguard popped up to object!
Yum yum. Baby Cuttle. Derewan. MMIII. This baby cuttle was hiding in a gorgonian forest and I'm not sure if it was hungry or sticking its tongue at in a rude jesture!
Pisa. MMIII Derawan. The bat fish at a cleaning station were incrediby relaxed and friendly. Spent the whole dive in one small area playing
Glide. Carribean reef octobus. Bonaire. MM II EX. The end of the dive and was so glad I'd kept some shots for the safety stop!
Look up - MMIIEX Elphinstone. Early morning dive gave me such a great atmosphere with the sun and reef
138 Entries Found: Page 5  of  6