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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By John M Akar

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Jelly - intersting question but is a close shot taken with a wide-angle lens, wide angle or macro?
Aladdins Cave - Fethiye. Like being in a cathedral
Net wall - discarded net on a reef in Turkey. thankfully nothing caught in it!
Rambo - duck dive in natural cavern.
Reef - top of reef in Turkey or is it the moon??
Clown peep. Been a while since a clown was on! I miss them

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
We get so many clownfish so a new treatment is worth noting
Lord of the rings. Several gos later!
Coral lobsters - interstingly enough, you'll notice one's a leftie and the other's a rightie! I wonder why?
Ceratosoma trilobatum - Thanks Brian!
Crocodile head - smiler. Canon 300d
Banded sea serpent. Took a lot of effort to get round to the front of this snake and wait! Balsted thing kept changing its mind and direction. Patience definitely a plus when shooting snakes!
Morays - The one in the bottom right looks so dumb by comaprison to his fierce mate!
I'm so pretty! One-eyed flatwish, I wonder how the it lost the other one. Of course it could have been a very long wink!!
Beautypuss. This is the equivalent of the octopus sitting on its front porch. The bottle was its home. We waited but it wouldn't go back in although it came teasingly close
Praying xeno - cannon 300d. I think this one is saying - "please let this be the last photo today!"
Giant Mantis eyes. Canon 300D. This mantis was clearing its burrow of coral rubble. My word it was huge!!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Watch out, these guys eat cameras for breakfast!
Emperor shrimp - Canon 300D. There were two running around the cucumber but couldn't both of them in frame at the same time so decided to focus on the one
Commensal shrimp - canon 300D. Another colour I've never seen before
Just started learning colour - Canon 300D. This little fella must have been a coule of days old as this was the best colour display it was able to achieve
Crinoid shrimp. Canon 350, 50 mm macro and 2 x Woody. I always find it aazing how these shrimp take on the colours of the crinoids they live in
Two's always good company. Canon 300D, twin Inon. Had to hang upside down to get these nudis (Chromidoris I think) orientated right

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Nudi cuddle!
Yellow thorny seahorse. Canon 10D.
Curves and volcanoes. Canon 300D. Matching outline
Wonderpus. Canon 300D. 50mm macro. Count the legs! someone got a good snack
Monday morning! Canon 300D, 50mm copact macro. God I know how he feels!!
Angel - canon 10D 24mm wide angle. Took some time witht the sun overhead but finally got the silhouette avoiding bloom

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
A simple, yet effective silhouette
Clown and parasite (in mouth) - Canon 10D. poor thing! TaBob
138 Entries Found: Page 4  of  6