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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Rand Mcmeins

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"I can Fly!!". During several dives, these flatworms would come swimming by. Looking like the'd consumed just a bit too much hooch. Cocos/Keeling Is.
D2x 105mm
Damsel in Distress. This Damsel was guarding eggs on a seawhip. Which kept him in my lens' face for several portrait attempts. D2x 105mm
Rankin Cod with Cleaner. D2x 105mm
Slippery Slope. Looks like this shrimps is holding on for fear of slipping off.
D2x. 105mm
Gobie on Whip coral. D2x, 105mm, 2xteleconverter.
End of the Rainbow. Barkley Sound, B.C. Canada.
D70 10.5mm

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Can you see the jellyfish in this shot!
Hairy Frogfish on fluorescing corals.
D2x, 60mm
A small Sculpin in Plumose anemones. Port Hardy, Canada. D2x. 60mm
Burrfish with eye sparkle.
D2x 60mm

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
A super portrait. Dig those alien eyes!
From the fantasice dive sites in Port Hardy, Sculpin on anemones. D2x 60mm
Fairy Basslett jumps and poses.
D2x, 105mm, 2xtc
A bit different. King Angels cleaning a Scalloped Hammerhead.
D2x 15FE

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Most unusual behavior
Distracted. The DM on this dive was shooting video for the boat guests.
D2x 15mm FE
Think I may have startle this one. LOL! Hammerhead with King Angel cleaner.
D2x 15mm Fe
Runner Up - worthy of note but not a medal winner - an equal 4th place if you like! Runner Up 2006

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Good snap Rand!
Shark kiss. These Whitetips feed in large groups at Cocos Island. And, if you want to get close to them, it's a great night dive opportunity when they feed in large groups. D2x 15mm fe
Mama told me not to come...A small puffer whistles on the way home.
D2x 15mmFE
Silvertip Shark. Not easy to see in this small photo but his eye is golden. D2x 15mmFE
Diver with Jacks. D2x, 15mm.
An Eagle Ray takes flight. Nikon D2x, 15mm.
Anemone on fire. D2x, 50mm.
Ok, I know, no more Pygmy's. But just had to share this one anyway.
D2x, 105mm, 2xtc

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
We're only bored with the red ones Rand! We've always got room for shots of this quality, even if it is a well worked subject
Orange Frogfish. Lembeh straights.
D2x 60mm

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Keenly observed shot isolated with 'negative space'
King of the Salp.
3-D Blennie.
D2x 105mm, 2xTC
Tiger Shark at Tiger Beach. D2x 15mm.
Native Mask. Ok, it's a shrimp back :-)
Nikon D2x 2xtc
Always see stuff like this with the wrong lens setup it seems. D2x 105mm 2Xtc.
134 Entries Found: Page 2  of  5