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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Rand Mcmeins

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Kimbe Bay, Eel was coming out as the shark crept in. Not sure what the deal was. D2x.
Sea of Cortez Pelican. D2x 70-200 zoom.
Apparently, his mouth holds more than his bellycan...
"Say Cheese!" D2x, Ambient light
"I'm looking through you". Red-eye Gobi. D2x 105mm 2xteleconverter
I'll keep an eye out for you...
Lembeh,D2x, fullframe, 2X teleconverter. 105mm.
The Bar Tender. Lembeh Straits.
D2x 105mm, 2xteleconverter
A very small flat worm sniffs the wind on top of a tunicate or salp. Not sure which. Lembeh.
D2x. 2xTeleconverter, Woody's diopter.
Decorated Warbonett. Port Hardy, B.C. Canada.
Oly C5050
Runner Up - worthy of note but not a medal winner - an equal 4th place if you like! Runner Up 2006

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Here's a little guy with character!
Golden Roughead Blennie.
Turks & Caicos. D2x, 105mm 2X teleconverter and woody's diopter.
Hyppocampus Denise. Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea.
Small crab hides in camo. Barkely Sound, B.C. Canada
Puget Sound. Not sure if it's the front or the back on this Nudibranch...
Lemon Shark-Bahamas
D2x 15mm
Who Dat? Secretary Blennie, I think..
Sea of Cortez. D2x, 105mm. 2xtc
Finally found something smaller than a Pygmy Seahorse...Periclimenes Shrimp on Seastar. D2x, 2x teleconverter, Woody's diopter. (This is full frame)
Pillow time...Kimbe Bay. PNG D2x
Fly away Horse. A Pygmy swims to greener pastures. Kimbe Bay, PNG Nikon D2X
Florida, Christmastree worm. D2x
Dragone Moray, Kauai, Hawaii.
Sealions cavort amoung a school of baitfish.
Sea of Cortez, Mexico
D2x, 10.5
Fireworks...Nudi in Barkely Sound,B.C. Canada...D70
Eel and friend.
North Sulawesi, Indodnesia

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
A nice behavior shot
Baitball, Indonesia.
Flamingo Tougue...a butt shot that seems to work.
Turks & Caicos
Australian Frogfish
Ningaloo reef, Western Australia

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Is this Chewbaccas Mom?
Yo, Rocky...
Ningaloo reef, Western Australia
Mosshead Warbonnet. Port Hardy, B.C. Canada
134 Entries Found: Page 4  of  5