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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Fiona Ayerst

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turtle coming in to land. What a cutie ! found at Brothers July 2006. Taken with Nikon D100 in sea and sea housing and 10.5 DX lens
a deep dark cave dive just for the chicken man
something different. shot with a D200 and two willing models

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Editor's Comment
Why not?
ok so I am back from Egypt and Seychelles!! hope u ready for some different stuff ? Bennie asked for babes, enjoy
back in the red sea and posting via 3G from here on the boat. are you jealous yet? ;). my model peeks round the side of this incredible bright bush of coral
school of Barracuda and diver silhouette in the Solomons. I was close. thaken with a 16 mm fisheye and F100 nikon
ballet of the ocean

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
A marvellous interaction. I bet it was spontaneous, not set up?
in the Red Sea a pair of butterfly fish shelter from the oblivious snorkellers overhead, but not from the camera !
diver with brightly coloured goldies and other fish amongst coral green trees in inhambane Mozambique Dec 2005
a calm and serene potato bass surveys both the camera and the diver in central moz guinjata bay 2005
that inquisitive Napoloen again! It couldn't stay away- and I wasn't complaining
a VERY friendly turtle loves that dome port

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
I love vain turtles, they're easy to shoot
once again the stunning colours of Egypt and the Red Sea to cheer you all up before the weekend.
anti aircraft gun wheel and diver in the Brother islands Red Sea July 2006,the wheel covered in soft corals and flourishing
tiny clown fish on the Aida wreck in Red Sea guards it home from an inquisitive diver
stunning soft corals and diver in the brother islands Red Sea July 2006
free diving with Wrasse and Surgeons under the liveaboard Red Sea July 2006
Napoleon Wrasse performs for the camera at the Brothers islands Southern Red Sea, in July 2006
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Editor's Comment
Fiona fills the frame (again)
Dolphins moving along the South African coastline on the annual Sardine Run, under the smoke from a fire on shore giving weird lighting effects
another one of favourite friends , the gorgeous Tiger who branched away just at the last moment- what a thrill
again one of my favourite sharks- but this time a zambezi- so powerful and at ease in the water,poetry in motion
modelling with satins on the beach and near the sea- use of slow shutter speeds to give movement.
Police diver searching for body in lake in Johannesburg. Taken with D100 in sea and sea housing and 2 90 strobes
some more colours on the beach in moz. this is a panoramic so not sure if it will work on this site. hope so. Ignore if not panoramic!!
Manta ray getting cleaned at Manta reef Guinjata Bay central Mozambique on 2005
still with divers and Tigers. Just love them
model with lush colours in Red Sea about 6 years ago. I see from your pix this month that its still the same beauty there. yippee
119 Entries Found: Page 3  of  5