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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Fiona Ayerst

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Tiny pygmy sea Horse in soft coral host taken with Nikon F100 and a 105 macro lens with a diotre
Yoga shot taken in Sodwana Bay South Africa with grad pink filter, Nikon F100
yoga on the beach at Sodwana Bay South Africa. a sunset and a grad. pink filter helped!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Great lifestyle hot Fiona
taekn at Sodwana Bay South Africa with a Nikon F100 in a sea and sea housing ...use of model to make small fish appear large!
Lion fish and Diver taken in Sodwana Bay Kwazulu Natal South Africa. Taken with Nikon F100 in sea and sea housing
Porcelain crab peers out from his safe haven. taken with nikkor 105 lens and Nikon F100 in Guinjata Bay Mozambique
Honeycomb moray and cleaner wrasse friend in Mozambique. taken with Nikon F100 and 105 lens.
Schooling coachmen or bannerfish group and dance for the camera in Sodwana Bay Natal South Africa. Taken with a Nikon F100 in a sea and sea professional Housing.
Tiger Shark with Remora and Pilot fish taken with a Nikonos in Umkomaas South Africa March 2005. No cages used !!
gas flame nudibranch taken in Sodwana bay South Africa

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
I'm always a sucker for a brightly colored nudibranch!
This seahorse is about the size of a small fingermail. It was taken in the Lembeh straits North Sulawesi, Indonesia towards the end of 2001
119 Entries Found: Page 5  of  5