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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Allan Vandeford

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Fijian Reef Scene. Tetion II of the Koro Sea.
Spotted Eagle Ray. Dpotted near the surface on Bloody Bay Wall at Cayman Brac.
Alien Invasion. Found clinging to the roof of a cave entrance on Cayman Brac. A number were reflected against an overhead air pocket making a dramatic effect.
Gray Angelfish. Roaming about the deck of the Oro Verde off Grand Cayman.
Beautiful Dreamer. Image taken at Bloody Bay Wall of Little Cayman.
Fijian Anemonefish. Commonly mistaken as the Tomato Anemonefish, this damselfish is now believed to be endemic to Fijian waters, only.
Grunts taking a siesta
Blackbar Soldierfish w/ Cymothoid Isopod. Wouldn't you feel a little self-conscious with an isopod on your head?
Inquisitive sea turtle near the surface. Image taken on Bloody Bay Wall of Little Cayman.
Up Close. Caribbean Reef Shark image taken at Amberjack Reef in the Exumas.
Divemaster & Sea Lions. Los Islotes, just off the coast from La Paz, is home to hundreds of these playful animals.
Grouper in cleaning posture. Image taken on Bloody Bay Wall, Little Cayman in May, 2006.
Parrotfish in the "classic" cleaning posture. Image taken in February at Parrotfish Reef in the Exumas at a depth of 12 feet.
Moray and Shrimp. Image taken at Santa Clara Point, Sea of Cortez, Mexico.
Lettuce Sea Slug photographed off Little Cayman on Bloody Bay Wall in June, 2006.
This ole' cuda's Toothy Grin was photographed on Little Caymans' Bloody Bay Wall in June, 2006.
The image was taken in ambient light on Bloody Bay Wall of Little Cayman in May, 2006.
Marauding Reef Sharks. Image taken in January,2006 while diving from the Aqua Cat in the Exumas.
Healthy Reef at Two Thumbs Up, Namena Marine Reserve, Fiji.
The shot was taken while traveling on the Nai’a liveaboard in Fiji. The depth was approximately 25 feet at water temp of 74 deg. F.
Caribbean Reef Shark joins me for a saftey stop at Amberjack Reef in the Exumas. Note the great winter visibility (Jan., 2005).
Title:Cabbage Patch, Nigali Pass, Gau Island, Fiji.
The Cabbage Patch is found at the end of the Nigali Passage drift dive - near the island of Gau in Fiji. This photograph was taken at a depth of eighteen feet in ambient light.
75 Entries Found: Page 3  of  3