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Our UW photo contest is the longest running and most prestigious online. If you want to make a name for yourself this is THE place to do it. See some famous publications about winning photos.

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Brad Cox

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Night Dive in Vanuatu Olympus 7070
Twin Pygmys Sulawesi Olympus 7070
Found this little Nudi hiding in a barrel sponge. Sulawesi
See through shrimp Tulamben Bali Olympus 7070
Mouthful. Lizard Fish that managed to catch a puffer fish. Watched this for about 10 minutes then went off looking for something else only to be told by the guide after the dive that the puffer fish got away in the end.
Cuttlefish Eggs with babies inside. Very macro Olympus 7070
Close up Cod Quobba Coastline West Aust Olympus 7070
Batfish @ Navy Pier Exmouth Olympus 7070
Transperant with eggs. Shot in Bunaken Marine park Olympus 4000 Epoque Strobe.
Face in the sand. Ended up being a huge stone fish. Olympus 7070
Secret hideaway , beautiful cave on the Western Australian coastline.
Transperant Whip goby Bali Olympus 7070
Frog fish Quobba Coast Western Australia Olympus 7070
Wrinkly: Close up Nudi Camp Rock Quobba West Aust Olympus 7070
Lion Fish @ Navy Pier Exmouth Sunburst with Fixed Lens Camera Olympus 7070
Diver & Bullocki Bali Olympus 7070
The last of the Korean Star. The engine of the ship remains against the elements.
Coral Trout Exmouth Navy Pier Olympus 7070
Amazing amout of Estuary Cod at this site , all very inquizitive. Olympus 7070
Seastar with boat on Surface Bunaken Olympus 7070 with Wide angle and Inon D2000 Strobe.
Wide angle shot in the Blue Hole Vanuatu Beautiful clear fresh water. Free dive to 12 meters.
Clown fish in Sulawesi
Nudi Bali Indonesia Olympus 7070 twin Inon Strobes
Nudi with eggs Lembeh Olympus 7070
Clear day and inquistive Cod Korean Star Western Australia. Olympus C4000 Epoque Strobe, 2003
Pygmy seahorse in Lembeh 2003 hard enough to see these little critters even harder to take a photo of them.
Clown Fish
96 Entries Found: Page 3  of  4