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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Zaid Fadul

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Flying Gurnard Wingspan
This devil scorpionfish blended in pretty well amongst the corals and sponges. I have never seen one such a beautiful green either...
This Southern Stingray was cruising over the sand looking for dinner...before I got in the way.
Spanish Dancer in flight
This is a closeup of a nurse shark's eye. I loved the tiling of it's skin. I was about 6 inches and a prayer away when I shot this =)
For anyone curious, this hawksbill was denied permission to do a flyby...
Underwater Sunset / We were coming up really late on an afternoon dive and I noticed the sun setting from underwater. A high shutter speed helped me catch the rays =)
I was able to get a nice shot of the feather duster just before he retracted.
This clownfish was coming out to greet me as I ventured to close to his Bubble Anemone
This photo is of Scott's Head Point in DOminica. It is a little peninsula that juts out and divides the Atlantic Ocean on the rght from the Caribbean Sea on the left.
The divemaster managed to spot this Spanish Dancer swimming around. In my ignorance of not knowing what it was, I didn't start shooting til it almost left since I thought it was a prank...
This is a closeup of the bluespotted stingray. I liked the psychedelic nature of the blue spots...
Bannerfish generally cover the reef with their mates, so waiting for them to something cute is the key.
I was trying to shoot the eel when this mimic cardinalfish drifted into the frame. I focused on him instead and tried to make the eel a nice background.
This came off the wreck Halliburton in Roatan. I thought it a cute way to frame my beanie wearing dive buddy...
The divemaster spotted this longlure frogfish. The white spots are rubble it covered itself wih to blend in.
This Great Barracuda was hanging under the boat when I very gracefully plunged in. He was more than happy to pose for several minutes...
Dr. Bob's photos have ispired me to get a +10 dipter and see what I could come up with. Catching this Xmas tree worm midstream seemed a bit different.
This Sea Thimble is about the size of my thumb tip. Its larva is the cause of many a divers friend, sea lice. It made the safety stop a lot more interesting =)
This is the pier from before, except viewed from the Lighthouse. I thought it an interesting way to frame the shot =)
This is the pier jutting out over Daedalus Reef. The reef rises to within 10 feet of the surface and drops to several hundred feet below. Very inviting indeed =)
Urchins are very underappreciated. I loved the design and coloration patterns when you get close.
Cavern Sunbeams shot while waiting and waiting for something interesting to swim into the frame. The best I got was the little fish...
Thsi Oceanic White Tip split my friend and I apart while we were diving under the boat. Fortunately, we were both photographers and caught the "oh my God" look on each other's faces.
This is a Spotted Snake Eel that was more adventurous than its friends. We spotted him combing the reef looking for food. Instead of diving into the sand when I approached, he waited for his close-up.
This is a closeup of Green Knobby Cactus Coral. The coral head was bright green and just totally stuck out. I loved the patterns it produced.
My friend Yelena made a little too close of a pass by this anemone. The clownfish dutifully came out to investigate, and I couldn't help but try and blind him with my flash, so as to allow my dive buddy to make her escape.
138 Entries Found: Page 5  of  6