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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Alex Tattersall

175 Entries Found: Page 4  of  7
My favourite nudi shot from the last trip... night dive in Malapascua. e900 and 2xmacros
Cuttlefish freeswimming in the Philippine Sea... Malapascua Island... E900
Bewildered looking stonefish raising an eyebrow ... Fuji E900 and all the trimmings..
Here's something you don't see every day... this frogfish tried to swallow a stonefish that was bigger that it. Both were dead !!! How macabre...
'Toothy' eel ... this one would hurt if he got a bite out of you ...
Shiny guts whip goby ... can't believe it stayed still long enough to get this close !!
This nudi is called Phil... think it's a slender flabbilina or something like that.. less than 1cm long.. really should get an ID book I guess...
Dumb looking orange frogfish hanging from the underside of an overhang.. buoyancy tester.. Gato Island.. Philies
Harlequin crab on a coral head... gotta love his eyes...
Peekaboo ... strawberry lookalike nudi in Taiwan. Anyone know his name ? Dave ? E900 twin strobes 2 macros
Anyone for another crab ? Porcelain crab on green anenome.. E900 plus macro and strobes.
Who are you calling big nose... Bluestripped fangblenny with a smile on his face...
One of my favorites from Malapascua trip last week... two female Mandarin fish coming out to play on a dusk dive. Luck really does play a big part in this game doesn't it smile
This one's for Dr Bob... another whip goby with parasite attachments seen in the Philippines...
Batman nudi...

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Heads up pajama nudi
Mantis shrimps never get dull do they. This one was a golden colour with golden eyes. Very nice... PS anyone know what happened to picture of the month ?
Porcelain Crab from the Philippines... had to fight off the anenome fish to get this shot...
'Traffic light' nudi from last week in the Philippines !!! 2x macro...
Cuttlefish have to be my favorite now... found this baby, 1.5cm long last week and snapped away for 10 minutes.
Zebra Crab on a fire anenome.. first time I saw these guys.. Malapascua Island, Pi. E900, 2xmacro, 2xstrobes.
Soooo cute !!! I love these porcupine fish...
Perfectly composed breasts I don't have a photo of... but check out the lungs on this nudi... Taiwan again.. E900... 2 macros and 2 flashes... full frame.. see you in a week !!
A cockatoo waspfish in Taiwan.. never seen one of these guys before. Have a look at my flickr page for a side on view... very cute. E900, twin strobes, 1 macro lens. Can I have fifty votes in 1 hour too please? smile
Blenny in a hole today in Taiwan... Typhoon coming tomorrow so had to get a dive in today !!
Black frogfish in Sabang.... not easy to get any definition on it but I can assure you the black blob in the middle is a frogger ....zoom in and have a look.. go on.. treat yourselves .. haha
Close-up cheek and eye of everyone's favourite... the Napolean Wrasse. Palau.
Colourful crab in a crevice !! Taiwan...
175 Entries Found: Page 4  of  7