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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Susan Lunn

17 Entries Found
Female sea lion in the sun; La Paz, Mexico. Canon 400D
Snortin' bull sea lion, Los Islotes, La Paz, Mexico. Canon 400D. Came around a boulder and surprised (and was surprised by) this bull. He was telling me to get out of his territory. I did, but not before taking his picture.
Fanged Blenny, La Paz, Sea of Cortez. Olympus 5050, Inon macro lens.
Yellow Frogfish poses , Bonaire, May 2008. Canon 400D, 60mm lens.
Large seahorse, Bonaire, May 2008. Canon 400D and 60mm lens.
Very friendly turtle. Was practicing wide-angle natural light shots with Oly 5050 and Inon WA lens from Cayman Aggressor off Little Cayman. This turtle swam right up to me as I was taking photos of the Aggressor above the wall.
Friendly Spotted Eel. Bonaire, May 2008. Canon 400D, 60mm lens.
Juvenile Blue Tang, Bonaire, May 2008. Love that brilliant yellow!
Canon 400D, 60 mm lens
A Bonaire kiss from a very photogenic Smooth Trunkfish. In Bonaire they are abundant, but their cute factor can't be beat! Canon 400D, 60mm lens.
Bonaire, Canon 400D, 60mm
Crested Blenny with one eye on the bubble monster in front of it, and the other on the large squadron of barracuda above it. Liberty Ship Nettleton, Georgia coast, summer 2006. Olympus C-5050 and Inon macro lens.
Fairy Basslet. Bonaire, May 2008. Canon 400D, 60 mm lens.
Trumpetfish getting cleaned in Bonaire, May 2008. Canon 400D, 60mm lens.
Sand Diver / Lizardfish
Bonaire April 2008
Canon Digital Rebel Xti 400D
Canon 60mm lens
Ikelite DS 125 strobe
Kiss, kiss. Natural demeanor of the Honeycomb Cowfish. Taken 06/2006, Little Cayman Island with C5050 and an Ikelite DS-125 strobe.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
A mono color study that works nicely
Gossiping Balloonfishes in La Paz (Sea of Cortez). Taken 10/2006 with Olympus C5050 and Ikelite DS-125 strobe.
Spotted Sharpnose Puffer at 40 fsw
La Paz, Sea of Cortez
Oly C5050, TTL, Ike DS-125 strobe
Timed the shutter lag to match when he turned to face the camera.
ISO 64, macro mode, max. zoom, 1/125, no extra lenses
17 Entries Found