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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Arun Madisetti

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Shortnosed Batfish, SeaLife DC1000, camera flash.
Banana shrimp filter feeding
moon almost set but behind clouds
LA Bym a 1500m wall, part of the Soufriere crater
More from hurricane Sandy gathering strength
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editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Nice to see a little fine arts in the topside category, Arun.
What YOU lookin at? (Olympus 5050)
Weed line fun. SeaLife Dc1000
Hull inspection. Sperm whale comes seeking a turn on the boats "open mike"(hydrophone) Taken under permit
End of a long day. 10hrs at sea with a film crew.
The last one..
Flying Gurnard flying
Standing firm
Tropical storm Rafael 13.10.12
This evenings entertainment
Scorpionfish detail.
105macro manually focused. (focus ring slipped so had no option - don't miss those days at all) D90/Ike
Someone was blowing a conch at 430 this morning, indicating that they needed help or the fish were in the net already.. these were over the space of an hour. whilst i was having my coffee.
Dylan and the whale. my son meets a whale. back onboard he said "it was ok", nothing more. At school..... he was a roockstar! (taken under permit)
fish control.
they tend to pose for the camera, which makes it easy to shoot, then shoot them.
Banana shrimp at Middleham falls, 1 hour hike and 800m high in the rainforest.
Tropical storm Isaac, 22.08.12
All tease and no delivery. a day of miserable grey and no rain or wind...
in the name of science
3 Seahorses killed in the name of science.
Part of a species diversity trawl in the FL Keys in the early 2000's
Colour popped on wooden background
I'm ready for my close up now.. taken under permit
Sargassum and skyline
Sargassum and skyline
Dorsal spines of a (invasive) lionfish. Removed with extreme prejudice.
"Going down", pair of Sperm whale on thier way to the inky depths taken under permit
Island view. First attempts at 50/50 several miles offshore.
354 Entries Found: Page 10  of  14