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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Jeri Curley

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Townsend angelfish posing for the camera
Juvenile angel fish on the artificial reef at Blue Heron Bridge
Bonaire, frogfish
Juvenile Angelfish posing for the camera
Sea Urchin found at Blue Heron Bridge
Captured during a sea turtle hatchling release.
Blenny at Blue Heron Bridge
Diving Blue Heron Bridge, we spotted this spotted moray trying to pull a flounder into his hole.
Crystal River young Manatee posing for photos.
Seahorse swimming over to visit his friend.
Seahorse find at Blue Heron!
Another find at Blue Heron.
A great find at Blue Heron today. This seahorse hid well in this sponge.
This pike blenny "admires" himself in the mirror.
Lucky find a Blue Heron Bridge today!
Spotted Moray coming out to greet me!
Manatee at Crystal River being photographed by fans.
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 2012

Final RoundThrough to 2012 awards final round judging
Sea Horse at Blue Heron Bridge.
This jawfish was peeking out of his hole.
Caught my reflection in the eye of this squid that hung around on a night dive at Flower Gardens, Riviera Beach, Florida
Fish were following this Hawskbill on Governors River Walk in Riviera Beach.
A group of French Angelfish got friendly during a dive off Deerfield Beach.
Diving off Deerfield we encountered this very large Green Moray!
Blenny on a sponge at my fav dive site Blue Heron Bridge.
Peeking around the corner!
"Darn, I do have some spinich between my teeth."
This filefish was a little curious about the reflection in my dome port.
49 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2