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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Tom Ashton

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DSLR on the DSMB
somewhere in the Sound of Mull
My first attempts at this kind of shot.
Sound of Mull.
A couple of swimmers shot from a wee cave below
Nudi at St Abbs
Primordial soup
Plankton swarm at Eyemouth, Scotland
A little pogge, St Abbs, freediving
Backlit coral - St Abbs. Freediving.
A grey winters day in East Scotland
This crab hitched a ride on my back while I was freediving on a cold winters day in East Scotland.
a friendly seal at Eyemouth, east Scotland. canon g11, ys110 strobe.
A little nudi among the spines of a large holothurian. Hydroids in the background.
Snooted urchin. The technique is proving great for low-vis macro work such as in Scottish sealochs.
Snooted crinoid, looking theatrical.
Small Scottish Nudibranch. Canon g11, s&s ys110 strobe with home made snoot. wet fit macro lens.
This little Pogge was swimming on the surface at night. After seeing me it swam down. I got this shot with a 3 second exposure and rear-curtain sync flash. Canon G11, YS110.
My friend Tommy inspecting a Blue jellyfish. St Andrews. Canon G11, Canon housing, home-made wide lens, ys110 strobe.
Lions mane jelly. Shot using a port extension I constructed myself for around £20. Canon G11, Canon housing, ys110 strobe under.
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 2010

Final RoundThrough to 2010 awards final round judging
Little nudi feeding on bryozoans on a kelp frond. Eyemouth. Canon G11, ys110 strobe.
Another one from the NUPG splash in. Canon G11, canon housing, ys110 strobe with snoot.
Taken during the NUPG splash-in photography contest in North Wales. I used a home made snoot on my s&s ys110. Canon G11, canon housing.
Taken at dusk in Koh Lanta, Thailand.
I took this snorkelling in St Andrews this morning. F/8, 1/400th, ISO 80, Canon G11, canon housing, no lenses, s&s ys110, all on manual.
A friendly scorpion fish at Nestends gully, Eyemouth.
CanonG11 & s&s ys110
Taken while snorkelling at night in St Andrews Scotland.
Canon G11, s&s ys110 strobe. Manual. f/7.1, 1/250th sec. ISO 200.
51 Entries Found: Page 2  of  2