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by Jeffrey Lim

Ambon scorpionfish in Anilao

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Patricia Sinclair

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Clear Clear Water!
Taken in Bonaire - the gorgonian was beautiful and with the boat above it - a gorgeous moment to remember.
Loved the pattern on this Flamingo Tongue. It was very co-operative while I got this shot - :D
As we entered the water, Zsuzsuanna turned around and the sun-ball behind her was so lovely, I had to take this image.
"Your mind powers will not work on me, boy." Jabba the Hut to Luke Skywalker, Star Wars VI - Return of the Jedi
Right on the drop off to the lower reef, I found this rope sponge and got Zsuzsunna to pose for me above it with the boat in the background.
Spirals - the basic form of life. This is un-cropped.
I challenge myself to get a shot of these little guys with the mouth open (showing teeth) and with the reflection of the strobes in the eye. This is an uncropped image, with minimal editing.
I took this in Bonaire the first week of November. I did crop this, but just to see how sharp and crisp this was.
This was taken at the end of the dive on One Thousand Steps. This tiny eel (head not bigger than my thumb) was almost directly under the boat.
Taken on the reef Something Special, and I thought this XMAS Tree worm was special, it almost glowed!
ON the house reef at Habitat Bonaire I found this beautiful vase sponge.
This little guy was quite shy and it took a bit of a wait for him to become comfortable with the bubble-monster. But when he did, I was able to get this shot (after about 15 tries that did not work out.(
Getting close to the end of our dive, I found this anchor (everyone else swam over it as if it wasn't there) and decided it was a good subject to get a sun ball into the picture. After about 10 shots, I got this one, which I really liked.
I spent a little bit of time with this blenny trying to get him to be confident in my presence. After about 10 minutes I got this shot.
I spotted this trumpetfish hanging out over a reddish coloured sponge. I got as close as I could and waited hoping he would come out enough for a full head shot. After 5 minutes, I decided he wasn't so I did this eye-shot instead.
While in Bonaire I had time on the House Reef to experiment taking pictures of one my favorite subjects - Christmas Tree Worms. I tried this new angle and was pleased. This is straight from the camera. no crop, no edit (did add copyright.)
I was trying to get a face shot of a grouper when this French Angelfish decided to swim in front of my camera and pose. So I took the picture of her, and it turned out better than I expected.
The Stingray Whisperer
This was taken in Grand Cayman at StingRay City in July on my dive with Nina Baxa!
"Turn on a Dime and give a nickel change" - One of my favorite places to go and watch the marine life is Stingray City, I also wanted to work with Natural light shooting, this is the result of my learning session.
another shot of my model, Jim C. on the Doc Paulson wreck.
Growth on this wreck is amazing
Yellow Headed jawfish checking me out. I spent a bit of time slowly sneaking closer and closer to this fish's burrow...and was awarded with this shot.
This was my second attempt at the little critter. Did not fill the frame, but instead concentrated on sharpness of the image.
Another shot from the shore dive with Nina Baxa. She pointed this out, not much bigger than a pea, so I tried with my 60mm lens (no diopter) to fill the frame with the critter (so I could see what it was.)
While doing a shore dive with Nina Baxa, she pointed out this little beauty to me.
on a shore dive with Nina Baxa I found these two flamingo tongues engaged, so I took a picture.
I saw these and thought that they would make a lovely photo, with the movement in the surge area they were growing in.
On top of the wheelhouse of the Doc Paulson wreck was a grouping of sponges that I found beautiful.
166 Entries Found: Page 6  of  7