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Amphipods on a coral flower

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Eduard Bello

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Little green seaweed nudibranch
Beautiful camouflage. Slanke waaierslak, flabellina glacilis
Just 2cm. Always awesome
Holding each other. Husband and wife...
Not a sea, but a hudge dive tank. Todi
Always hidding...
Finally they are back after a cold winter periode. Flabellina...
Always around in thevvold waters. Awesome colours. They glue at the oysters..
Galathea squafimera, just a short moment before it left.
In a sandy water the live is quet. Temperature 4C. So the lonely plants struckle to stay alive.
Golden Pearl
Just behind a pilar
Sint-Annaland, Zeeland. Colourful Seeweed
During a contest dive, nearby shore side
Penseelkrab, hemigrabsus takanoi. Common in the dutch waters.
Small "aasgarnaal"
Geknikte aasgarnaal, praunus flexuosus just 2cm...
Zoetwaterkogelvis (puffer) at TODI.
Botervis, Pholis gunnellus. Butterfish at 9m depth at the Zeelandbrug (sealandbridge)
Made in clear water at TODI.
Vlokslak, Aeolidia papillosa found at a depth of 9m.
Always around. Small goby...
Pipe fish with in his right a tiny (gestippelde mosdierslak) nudibranch
This picture is taken at a depth of 2m. Just under the water level... This year they are first seen in many number.
Beside the pier in San Marino
Kleine dieseltreinworm met eierenbal/streng
Gezaagde steurgarnaal, palaemon serratus. Almost 12cm
301 Entries Found: Page 11  of  12