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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Brenda De Vries

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Pike meets human. Taken in the Netherlands.
A nice reef on the Fury Shoals in Egypt.
Fluorescence under water. Made with a blue strobe and a yellow excitation filter.
Lot's of corals and fish in the Red sea near Marsa Alam.
Small wreck in the Fury Shoals in the south of Egypt.
Lots of fish on a reef on the Fury Shoals in Egypt.
The crown of thorns. Not seen a lot happely, it eats corals really fast. But it is a nice star to see.
Wreck on the Fury Shoals in the South of Egypt.
Taken on Sardinia. Almost invisable with the normal eye.
Swordfish on Bonaire.
Schiefergrube Christine, an old slate mine in Germany. Always clear water.
Tench, a very shy fish.
Cave with crystal clear water in France. You need a permit to dive there.
Old slate mine in Germany, diving in a museum.
Goby in 'het Grevelingenmeer' in the Netherlands. This is the largest salt water lake in the Netherlands.
The red color not only disappears with the depth, it also disappears horizontal if you have a lot of viz in the water. This makes that caves looks really bleu.
Icediving on the Gotthardpass. Over 2100m height.
This small cave with clear water has some restrictions where you have to pass. This is 1 of them. You see the strength of water on the rocks.
The slate mine 'Christine' has always crystal clear water. This time we went to the 'Abbauten', the 'rooms' higher in the mine that don't have rails for a minetrain.
In caves is never natural light, so the photographer has to bring all the light for the pictures. The usage of extra slave strobes brings more depth in the picture.
With a permit you can dive this cave in Chatillon-sur-Seine. It is a nice cave with always crystal clear water. But sometimes a lot of current.
Some sponges and corals on Bonaire.
Taken inside of a small wreck in Bonaire. A lot of fish hides in the wreck.
Hilma Hooker wreck on Bonaire.
Picture taken in de Köbanya mine in Budapest. This 'mine' is not a real mine, but was a wine cellar. Now parts are flooded and you can dive.
Small snail in afresh water lake. Who says fresh water is boring?
This picture is taken at the famous divespot 'Salt Pier'. A lot of fish always swims here. The pier is very colorfull under water.
90 Entries Found: Page 2  of  4