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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Erika Antoniazzo

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Careful or I'll bite you. This moray jumped out of this wall just as it does in the picture and gave me quite a scare smile
Butterfly fish in Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia.
Best Friends.
Harlequin shrimp at Seraya, Bali, Indonesia.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Harlequin shrimps are Erika's speciality
Tiny starfish. I took the picture because I liked the color contrast.
Fly away.
It seemed this nudi thinks it will move a lot faster if it uses its wings :)It was nearly flying.
This anemone just looked so pretty as it was waving in the current, I had to take its picture even though I had to keep a huge distance because of my 105mm lens.
Curly anemone.
tube worm close-up. I love the colours.
I had seen several porcelain crabs already, but none as big and as beautiful as this one I found near Seraya in Bali. Taken with Nikon D200, 105mm lens and 2 S&S strobes.
Shrimp on a sea cucumber in Maumere, Flores. Taken with Canon EOS 350D and 2 Inon strobes.
Sea urchin detail. Picture taken in Maumere, Flores, with a Canon EOS 350D and 2 strobes.
Fishing Eagle seeking shade on the beach. Someone cut his wings so he can't fly no more. You can see he longingly looks out at sea where other eagles are flying freely.
Pufferfish at Perhentian island. C5050.
Divers getting ready to descend.
Colourful sea.
Lionfish in Perhentian island, Malaysia.
Devil scorpionfish sitting on the sand bottom near a wreck at Perhentian Island.
I like the way these crabs camouflage themselves on the sea urchin and under a bunch of shells and other stuff. You really have to peal off all the stuff on the urchin to find these little crabs.
Seahorses are hard to find here, there's only one site and it's 24m deep, flat sandy bottom with bits of seagrass in which they hide themselves very well.
Monster from space.
There's room for more...
This is my home. Go away!
Blue ringed octopus.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
very sharp image and worth a zoom!
I only noticed this shell because it was moving. From the top it looks very ordinary, but turn it over and you get this pretty flower.
This shrimp wanted to clean my camera and just kept coming too close to be able to focus. Usually I have the opposite problem smile
Tiny brittle star in a strong current, holding on to a feather coral with all its arms.
173 Entries Found: Page 5  of  7