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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Erika Antoniazzo

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This Frog fish was only about 7 cm big and so well camouflaged I only saw it because it moved while I was taking a picture of a shrimp right next to it.
Safety stop.
As this ghost pipefish was hiding in a featherstar it made for a beautiful background. It took a while though to get this shot, it didn't want to let me get that near and kept moving away. Patience, patience, patience I'm starting to learn.
I had 2 Inon macro lenses as well as en epoque lens on my Camera housing to take this picture of the face of a harlequin shrimp. I had to get real close to focus and not much depth of field.
As I got closer and closer to this cute little pufferfish I was amazed how tame it was. I'm used to fish swimming away as soon as I get close, but not this one. He really liked his picture being taken with my Olympus C-5050 camera and Inon strobe.
Ornate ghostpipefish. I was only 2 cm from its face to take this picture and it was hard to get a good focus since it just wouldn't hold still smile
Olympus C-5050 with Inon macro lenses and Inon strobe.
With my camera I needed to get so very close to the subject to be able to take this shot I had to chase this ghostpipefish around a bit before I managed to take its picture.
Olympus C-5050 with an inon strobe.
This cuttlefish was part of a group of females laying eggs in the coral at Padangbai, Bali, Indonesia.
I used an Olympus C-7070 camera with an Inon strobe.
These little gobies are so hard to take a picture of, they keep moving around. I like this one because of the very pretty background.
The sun was shining beautifully on this part of Tulamben wreck. I couldn't resist taking the shot, though I normally prefer macro photography.
I was very lucky when I saw this harlequin shrimp climbing down the edge of a sponge to get to the arm of a starfish that was lying at the bottom of it. No, I didn't put it there, but someone else may have done so before me and I just got lucky smile
Runner Up - worthy of note but not a medal winner - an equal 4th place if you like! Runner Up 2006
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Editor's Comment
Oooooo zoom me!
Lembeh Straits
Olympus C-5050
Colourful Lionfish hiding among anemonies.
Olympus C-5050 Lembeh Straits
These just never keep still! It took me ages to get this shot.
C-5050, internal strobe.
Lionfish with colorfull sponges.
Lembeh Straits, Olympus C-5050, singel strobe.
Indian Walkman. In this picture you can clearly see his feet which he uses to crawl along the bottom.
Perhentian, Malaysia. C-5050.
This Lion fish was attacking my camera and I had to keep swimmong backwards.
Perhentian Island, Malaysia.
C-5050 with macro lens.
Blue ringed octopus.
Perhentian, Malaysia, C-5050 with macro lens.
Little crab on black coral.
Perhentian island.
C-5050 with external strobe.
Extending its suckers in search of new ground underneath in Perhentian Island, Malaysia. C-5050 and Inon macro lens.
I found this beautiful green turtle and remora at Bunaken in Sulawesi, Indonesia. The photo was taken with an Olympus C-5050 camera.
Cobias and Trevallies in Perhentian Island.
Sony cybershot.
Lionfish always make a great subject, especially with a colourful background like the one in this picture.
Taken in Lembeh with an olympus C-5050 camera and inon strobe.
This shrimp is hard to see because it's mostly transparent.
Lembeh, Indonesia with Sony Cybershot P9 camera.
Cowrie shell camouflaged as a nudibranch.
Lembeh, Indonesia.
Sony Cybershot P9 with macro lens and Inon strobe.
I found this slipper lobster walking around at 23m depth at Perhentian island, Malaysia.
I used a Sony P9 autofocus camera and a torchlight to take the picture.
This close-up shot was taken in Lembeh with a Sony P9 camera and a Sea&Sea macro lens and an external Inon strobe. I find this set-up works extremely well for macro photography.
173 Entries Found: Page 6  of  7