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Hannes KlostermannHi, my name is Hannes and I've only started taking stills underwater in 2016. Before that I was shooting video. I love being underwater as much as I can, trying to capture the beauty of the creatures I meet.My Website
Nina KammerscheidLoveLiveDive! Nina, actually from Germany. Diving changed my life. After my OWD two years ago I stucked on Bali. Now I can follow my passion everyday as a Instructor and underwater photographer. If you are in a bad mood - go diving and you are happy. If you are in a good mood - go diving and it makes you even happier. Diving is like a mental therapy. There is no single dive where I am not enjoying the nature, the silence and this wonderful, secret world. There is so many to discover, so many to see and so much to take pics of. When I am taking pictures of critters, I am studying its behavior, focusing on each little, tiny feature. Underwater animals are beautiful and amazing and there is always something new to discover. Diving is magic!!!IndonesiaIndonesia
Kerri KeetI started diving a few years ago and became a fanatic instantly! I bought my first point-and-shoot camera shortly afterwards and upgraded to a G10 and then G15 in ikelite housings with single DS161 strobe and wide angle dome and macro lenses. I have just upgraded to dslr - Canon 70d (ikelite housing) which I am now shooting with dual DS161 strobes. I live in Cape Town where conditions can sometimes be rather challenging with poor visibility and cold water, although we have real stunner of days too where it almost feels like tropical conditions! Dive travel is a huge passion of mine and I do a couple of trips a year. So far I have explored some of what South Africa has to offer - Aliwal Shoal (where I met my husband!), Sodwana Bay as well as a few international trips - Mozambique, Red Sea and Maldives. My life most definitely revolves around diving and the ocean and I love being able to share what I see through my photography,My Website
South AfricaSouth Africa
Maurits KolsterenI'm Maurits from The Netherlands and just started with UW photography. I have a Canon G16 in a Fantasea housing with two Inon D2000 strobes. NetherlandsNetherlands
Daniel KolbeUnderwater Photography Instructor at Florida Keys Community College Owner/Photographer at Southernmost Photography & Weddings Key West Lives in Key West, FloridaMy Website
United StatesUnited States
DAISUKE KURASHIMAI'm Daisuke from Japan. I started out with U/W photography 5 years ago. I dive with Nikon camera in an Nexus housing and love to shoot schools.My Website
Jano KaraffaMy name is Jano and I'm from Slovakia, I've dive aprox 4 years and through the diving I have come to UW photography. My top interest is to fashion photography above and under water :-)My Website
Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
Neal KolonayI'm Neal and I'm very new to photography in general, and I know very little. I'm trying to learn more wherever I can, and I hope some people here can help me.United StatesUnited States
Juan KeyterEveryday diver, just got into underwater photography and looking to advance, learn more about underwater photography and add good memories. Living in the on the beautiful island of Aruba, always exploring new dive sites and dive destination.ArubaAruba
Lilian KohI'm Lilian from Singapore and love macro & super macro photography especially shooting critters with details we tend to miss while diving.My Website
Jayme KegelI am Jayme from Canada, I started diving when I was 15, but first bought a camera in St Maarten and just fell in love!! I have become nearly obsessed with keeping a photographic record of all the creatures I see underwater, and over time some actually are starting to look good!CanadaCanada
Michal KubíkHi, my name is Michal Kubík. I love underwater world.My Website
Czech RepublicCzech Republic
Vania KamD7000, Nauticam Housing, 60mm, 105mm, 10-17mm, 10-24mm, SMC, Z240 x 2My Website
Hong KongHong Kong
Murat KAPTANI am from Turkey I started underwaterphotography in 2008. My first camera was a Canon 550 D with Sea&Sea housing & strobes, and now I'm using Canon Mark 2 camera with a Sea&Sea system.My Website
Carsten KalkmanThey call me Seamonkey, Been teaching Scuba diving fo about two decades, just now starting to take a camera with me to try to share some of those magical underwater moments with non divers. Simple "point and shoot" set-up. Sometime I use a hand-held flashlight for lighting.United StatesUnited States
pat keenanwww.patkeenanphotojo.comAustraliaAustralia
Jerzy KowalczukI'm Jerzy and I started my u/w adventure some years ago in South Africa. Now living in Canada I have discover a new passion to photograph u/w ice formations and ship wrecks in Ontario CanadaCanadaCanada
Samuel KnowlesMacro nut from New Zealand Prefer mainly macro but also wide angle and especially cave ,cavern,and Cenote photographyAustraliaAustralia
Annette KirchgessnerCannon G11 and underwater housing Nikon Coolpix underwater camera 2 years St. KittsUnited StatesUnited States
Tommi KokkolaI've enjoyed taking photos for a long time, but since we moved to Asia 2007 I've put more effort into photography. Underwater photography has been the main reason to dive for me since 2011. I've been traveling extensively in Southeast Asia, and diving as often as I can. I'm also technical diver and currently diving with rEVO rebreather. I'm living in Taiwan, thus having good opportunities also for nature and travel photography. Originally I'm from Finland. You can see more photos at my website.My Website
87 Entries Found: Page 1  of  5