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Sofia TenggronoHi, I’m Sofia. I love the ocean so much, taking picture for me is a way to capture all the wonderful time and magic I see underwater. I shot particularly all those lovely tiny creatures – nudibranch, shrimps, crabs and many more with a simple camera set up + abundance of patient & passion. I use: Olympus TG-4 in its casing, +16 Diopter, Inon S-2000 strobe.My Website
Guan TeohI'm Guan and have started underwater photography 3 years ago and is loving it. I'm using Nikon D610 with Isotta housing.SingaporeSingapore
Igor TarasevichRussian PADI instructor since 2015. Teaching in Thailand & Maldives and making photos on my Sealife DC2000 with flashlights. Making videos on GoPro Hero 6. Passionate on everything about water!My Website
George TouliatosI am George from Greece and since i got my first underwater compact camera, underwater photography has been my passion.GreeceGreece
rudy tulanghi, my nickname is Rutul. Hmmm underwater is sexyMy Website
Fabrizio TorsaniI'm Fabrizio and I come from Italy. I'm a marine biologist and a passionate diver. I love photography, both underwater and on land.ItalyItaly
Simon TempleUK diver based in South West EnglandMy Website
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Pascal TremblayI am Pascal, I dive for 6 years and I am a specialist of night diving in cold water, I practice the photo for 4 years. My playground is the Saint-Laurent River and the Saguenay Fjord.CanadaCanada
Violet TingI was born in Malaysia and settling in Taiwan. I started my underwater photography journey in June 2014, using DSLR NIKON D610 with Sea&Sea marine housing, with dual strobes setup as my interest growing I started to apply snoot photography for mood and moment as part of my visual art and till today it has been my favourite technique of shooting in any given subject.And since 2015 I have been interviewed by Scubashooter cover story#25, Malaysia China Post and China online underwater website UWPIXEL. During these years I have won several other international competitions which lead me with an encouragement to share my life experiences in TDEX 2017 Bangkok, Thailand as an invited speaker.and and coming 2018 DRT Singapore and DRT Taiwan. For my style of photography, i prefer to capture " emotion and feeling" as one of the great image is one that conveys a mood and pulls the viewer into the scene.My Website
Niko TorvinenI'm Niko from Finland. I'm SSI Dive Instructor, at the moment in Cebu Philippines. I started to take underwater photos about one year ago. I'm using Canon G16 and original Canon housing. All my pictures are originals without editing.My Website
Philippe TonaciniNikon D90 caisson nauticam flash subtronic, plongeur eau douce et froideSwitzerlandSwitzerland
Vassilis TsiairisI use a canon 7D in an ikelite housing. I have been photographing underwater for 2 years. I mostly dive and photograph in Greece.GreeceGreece
Gregory TuttSony RX100BelgiumBelgium
Margriet TilstraU/W photographer since 2001. Started with Sea & Sea Motormarine II, switched to digital in 2008. Now using Nikon D80, Ikelite housing, DS161 and DS125 strobe, Nikon lenses. > 1000 dives all over the world in 26 countries. My favorite places: Fakarava South Pass, Galapagos Isla Wolf, Philippines.My Website
domenico tripodiCanon g11, flash sea&sea ys110 alpha, macro lens subsee magnifier +5 and +10, Fisheye UWL-04ItalyItaly
Dawn ThomasI use a Canon G12 and have just bought a GoPro Hero 2 to experiment with. I am a scuba diver and love diving at Green Bay Cyprus. I've been taking photographs underwater for about 3 years but only in the last 12 months have I really learned how to take photos of a consistent quality rather than being totally hit and miss as far as results.United KingdomUnited Kingdom
windiarto tjandraJakarta, Indonesian based photographer. the author of fashion underwater book "Nadine , Labour of Love"IndonesiaIndonesia
Fikret Tuzcuusing sealife dc1400 pro duo, my favorite dive site in Turkey is Kas, Antalya.TurkeyTurkey
Alejandro TopeteALEJANDRO TOPETE Instructor NAUI, PADI, TDI Underwater Photography Since I was very young life put me near the Sea, which has led me to be a lover of the sea life, the ocean has given me a lots of experiences that left marked my life. So in 2003, I decided to dedicate myself to Teach, Dive and Photograph the underwater world. I had the opportunity to Photograph the Marine Life in México, Egypt, Costa Rica, Honduras, Belize, Colombia, and Cuba in more than 2,000 dives. Currently I am the Director of Scuba Excite Diving School, I collaborated with some magazines writing different articles typs and sharing pictures some of the magazines are: Wreport , Blue , MBA. The Sea is a world waiting to be discovered by all the humanity, life began in the ocean for many thousands of years before the Earth we have the responsibility to worry and take care about the Sea that gave us life and gives us her beauty. My Website
Sergey TotskyNikon d300, Ikelite housing, 2 TTL strobesUkraineUkraine
81 Entries Found: Page 1  of  5