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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Marshall Islands

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This is how we go diving on Kwajalein! You have to really love to dive to tote all your gear on your bicycle!
This Feather Star Crinoid on coral made a beautiful contrast shot. Night diving produces some of the most interesting creatures because they are out feeding.
This sunken ship from WWII provides a safe haven for thousands of fish. The 125 ft. depth makes it a short but beautiful dive into the deep blue
This Anemone and the pinks who live there are always good for some great shots.
Diver swimming passed an anti-aircraft gun on a sunken Japanese ship in the Kwajalein Lagoon
Photo taken off Majuro in June 2003.
Christmas Jelly.
I had wanted some peanut butter and jelly for Christmas eve.
I found the jelly – now I’m off to search for the peanut butter.
Image made 12-24-06
greetings to all the underwater fans,
cheers - old ma
Third Island Pier. View of Sunset from Eniburr Island.
Kwaj ... We have a problem.
Or..Rescue Diving Classes have taught me well. I'm totally prepared to take photos and wait for the guy with the wrench set to arrive.
PS .. All went well.
Giant Clam, Near Bigej Island. Fairly shallow water, 30 feet. I finaly got the strobe setting to work with my camera after many attempts :-)
Playing with manual white ballence. Jellyfish near Bigej Island, Kwajalein Lagoon
Gathering Storm. A sailboat in the Kwajalein Lagoon
Sailboat in the Kwaj Lagoon, taken From Bigej.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Another 'wish you were here' - yes, I want to be there!
Small Boat Marina. On Kwajalein, in the Marshall Islands. Shot with a monopod.
A gray reef shark and its food at the Marshall Islands.
This Christmastree worm has a handlebar moustache
Spotted Morray
Giant Magnificient Sea Anemone and Friends
'REGAL' Regal Angelfish. Another in 'Fish Portraits from around the world' series. Pohnpei. Housed Nikon F; 5mm auto-micro Nikkor lens; Niko Mar III housing. Enjoy!
Pink Anemonefish, Taken with a canon powershot SD550 and a lot of luck.
Abstract macro, Giant Clam. Taken with the D2x and 60mm macro lens.
This is my first submission of 2006. Wreck of the Prinz Eugen photographed with the D2x and 10.5mm lens.
50 Entries Found: Page 2  of  2

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