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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Palau

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Siaes Tunnel- Palau   watch-> by Jun Lao
by: Jun Lao
Siaes Tunnel- Palau watch-> click here
A tiny procelain crab hiding inside a finger coral at night. Canon XSi with EF 100mm USM macro in Ikelite housing with DS-125 strobes.
This shot was taken by my wife with Canon PowerShot A610 while I was shooting manta (she happened to be an excellent model). It was that 'once in a lifetime' moment - just us and the manta who stayed and played with us for the whole dive.
Pink (skunk) anemone fish playing "hide and seek". Canon XSI + EFs 17-85mm IS USM lens in Ikelite housing with dual DS-126 strobes.
Spotted cleaner shrimp, with transparent body allows you to see the pink eggs inside. Canon XSi with EF 100mm USM macro lens, Ikelite housing and dual DS-125 strobes.
Turtle swimming by with the dive guide in the background stuffing around
Japanese Sea Plane wreck in Palau
Diver floating by the reef
Chambered Nautilus at Big Drop-off

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
another subject guaranteed in Palau
"We Salute You"-Today on this Memorial Day weekend 2009 and everyday.Peleliu-Palau.This cross stands on the grounds where American soldiers were buried after a fierce battle of Peleliu-Sept. 1944 . US casualties -1794 killed and 8010 wounded.
Platax Juvenilis ivrea
Zero Airplan in German Channel
Blue Holes-Palau 2008
Jellyfish Lake, Palau.
Jellyfish Lake in Palau, Sky full of stars
Pink anemone fish (skunk clownfish) portrait. Watching clownfishes is always fun, their facial expressions and movement are so enjoyable. Taken with Canon XSi / EF 100mm USM macro / Ikelite housing and strobes.
Spotfin Lionfish at night. Canon XSi / EF-S 17-85mm / Ikelite housing and strobes.
Giant gorgonia fan. Washed by the strong currents that change direction like a wind in an open field, the Blue Corner is always full of life and is a favorite playground of large pelagic. Canon XSi / EF-S 17-85 IS USM in Ikelite housing.
Napoleon Wrasse pic from Palau. Running out of pics! Need another trip!
Screaming out loud! Giant moray eel getting his gills cleaned by a cleaning wrasse. Canon XSi / Ikelite housing and strobes.
Elegance in motion! Manta ray enjoying the tidal current in German Channel, Palau. Canon XSi with EF-S 17-85 IS USM lens / Ikelite housing and strobes.
Napoleon Wrasse-Palau-Just Plain
Swimming with jellies in Palau's famous jellyfish lake.
Manta ray. Playful and very social, she loved when I blew bubles right under her belly, and stayed with me for the whole dive coming back for more play time.
Jellyfish Lake-Palau
Blue Striped Clownfish-Palau
Baracuda. hhhmmm. Looked much better on my computer. Oh well..
476 Entries Found: Page 11  of  18

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