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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Solomon islands

291 Entries Found: Page 8  of  11
Tiny snail on red fan, mimics the color and texture.
Nikonos V 1:1 extension tubes
painting with light
Porcelain Crab in it anenome. Nikonos V 1:1 Macro extension
Tiny Oranatang crab. Nikonos V 1:1 Macro ext tube
Nemo, close up and personal. Nikonos V 1:2 macro extension tubes.
Crinoid close up. Nikonos V 1:5 close up extension.
Salt Water Crocodile on a slab of sunk concrete left over from WWII of a small village in the Florida Island group.
Taken from the Bilikiki
Yellow and black nudi. Nikonos V 1:1 macro extension tube
The family homestead. Nikonos V 28mm lense.
Tiny shrimp on anemoe. Nikinos V 1:1 extension tube
Black and white nudi on Red sponge.
Nikonos V with 1:1 extension tube.
Nemo's house, Nikonos V 1:1 macro extension tube
Merry Christmas. Christmas Tree Worms. Nikonos V 1:1
Macro extension tubes
another family group
Banner Fish, on Bilikiki Nikonos V 28mm Lense
watchful parents
My favorite nudi

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Here's a nice exercise in how to fill the frame from Victor
Anenome Shrimp. Nikinos V with 1:1 extension tube
Peek a boo, Skunk clown peeking from its hiding place.
moody take on subject
more solomons kids
local kids love to model
mangroves 3 this one from solomon islands

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
A different take on the Solomons...
Solomon Islands landscape, fan with crinoid. Nikonos V 28mm lense.
Above and Below....Love the BLUE!
291 Entries Found: Page 8  of  11

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