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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Switzerland

1352 Entries Found: Page 41  of  51
A snail sliding down the see grass :-))
Pearch comming out of the dark :-))
Finishing a dive with buddy Sven :-))
My Friend Titi Entering one of the Val Maggia Pool... As it is difficult to reach these Water Pools, we share the material. In the back-ground Caro my wife and Danielle waiting for their turn... Que du bonheur...:O)...
Funny pearch fighting his reflection in the port, gheezzz
A curious tench (tinca tinca) was following me during the dive. I just got snapshot of her ...
A curious perch
Face to face with a young pike fish in "le Duzillet". I love this fish!
My wife Caroline - entering one of the pools - in the Val Maggia River... To get into this pool, you have to walk around 1/2 hour up the river. The walk is difficult (because rocky and slipery) but it is worth it. Que du Bonheur... :O)...
My friend President "Stéphane" taking time in one of the "Posse" of the Verzsaca River... Que du Bonheur... :O)...
My wife Caroline - diving one of the most beautiful "Posse" at the jonction of the Verzasca River and the artificial lake of the Dam. Que du Bonheur... :O)...
rascasse lunaire
A tench showing up
écrevisse qui s'est posée sur un fond vaseux, ce qui a fait ce nuage la rendant fantômatique.
"Reflexion Effects" in the Cristal Waters of the Magical Verzasca River. Que du Bonheur... :O)...
Blue-ray ...
My wife Caroline - diving along the beautiful rocky formations of the Verzasca River... Que du bonheur... :O)...
plongeur en contre-plongée à contre jour (Verzasca)
Sven finishing his dive at Rivaz gare, just great fun :-))
A friendly pike looking into my dome port
poisson rouge à l'étang de l'Epine
écrevisse blessée certainement lors d'un combat, et en plein repas
Fresh Water Reflection.... in the water's of the Verzasca River. Que du Bonheur... :O)...
Freshwater Atmospher.... Que du Bonheur... :O) - this week-end dive in our Clear Water of our small lake...
Divebuddy Pili_bond back from the Wels barge ... i love the green of our lake :-))
Yesterday's dive with my wife Caroline in the clear waters of our small lake... Que du Bonheur... :O)...
1352 Entries Found: Page 41  of  51

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