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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Yves Antoniazzo

314 Entries Found: Page 3  of  12
Itchy chin picture taken in Tulamben Fuji S5 pro / 105VR
I know another nimo, yes but not in a normal anemone Fuji S5 pro / 105 Vr
My first entry of a pigmy sea horse and it was so pregnant that I don't have enough DOF to have it all in focus Fuji S5/60mm
My first enconter with a madarinfish during day time Alor island Fuji S5 pro/60mm
Much desired flabellina taken in Alor indonesia Fuji S5 pro/105 VR+UCL
Weird looking whip coral goby not seethrough like the other one of his gender...........Fuji S5 pro/60mm
Death by pretty stranglers !!!!.............. Fuji S5 pro/ 60mm
Egg carrier la suite......... Fuji S5 pro/105 VR
Egg carrier of the Thai water Fuji S5pro/105VR
Not as good as a face on but still ok for me Fuji s5 pro /105 vr
Portrait of a bornella anguilla..............Fuji S5 pro/105 VR
This little guy got really upset by is own reflection in my macro port and as you can it even went vocal....... Fuji S5 pro
Smal fish big mouth............ Fuji S5 pro/!05 VR
I love those creature and I hope you like them too.........Fuji S5 pro /105 VR
Yellow boxfish close-up Fuji S5 Pro/105 VR
I just know that it is a moray eel but that's about all I can tell you about this creature (look more like a dinosaur than a fish to me) Fuji S5 pro/105 VR
It think it will turn to the right this time but maybe not, one can never be sure with nudis. Fuji S5pro/105 VR
Just another shot from this great frogy from Lipe island, but a bit closer this time Fuji S5 pro/105 VR
What's for lunch Fuji S5pro/105 VR
Sorry got to run!... Fuji S5 pro/ 60mm
Thai frogie, so far the cutess I've seen of is type Fuji S5 pro/105 VR
Shrimp on the face Fuji S5 pro/ 60mm
Varicosa only the name put photograhper of them (including me), they dont look good in general , this one looked Ok to me so here it is "Ocellate Phyllidia" Fuji S5 pro /105 VR
Lionfish portrait Fuji S5 pro/105 VR
Why the long face? It is a new year Fuji S5 pro/105 VR
A "touch" of Photosoh Fuji S5 Pro/105mmVR
Looking up again Fuji s5pro/10.5mm
314 Entries Found: Page 3  of  12