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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Yves Antoniazzo

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Polyps are amazing creatures especialy when you look at them close-up.
One clown fish is good but two is better.
Both today's and yesterday's pictures are of the same familly but they don't look much alike here is a little harlequin shrimp,enjoy the picture as they very rarely seen probally due too ther size (~1cm)and their camouflage ability.
Harlequin shrimps are for me, so far the best photo model. They don't move and are very good looking.
Another Balinesse beauty. Her name is Ornate Elysia.
White sandy bottom and up/down pictures don't look too good, but
this little fellow (1.5 cm) was found, and the picture taken under those conditions. Apparently it is a very rare siting, it goes by the name of Royal Cerberilla
Tulamben has some very good looking nudis like this painted hypselodoris
I did not know glasseye's were so red until I took the picture.
Closeup of a juvenile giant clam
Closeup of a coral killer,it does not look so bad from this angle.
This shrimp was not a easy shot with my Olympus 7070 fitted whith all the lenses I had with me at the time (2 Inon + 1 Epoque) and full zoom.
It must be a girl it is all pink and very shy
Not all Clown Fish are as innocent as Nemo, this one looks as though I surprised it with its fins in the cookie jar.
This fireworm was moving really fast across the sand. I had to move fast to catch his face.
Snapper at Tulamben Liberty wreck. This is a great place for all kinds of marine life.
These spine cheek anemone fish never want to sit still for the picture, they just move and move and my camera wouldn't focus on them. So I just focused on the anemone instead and waited for the fish to swim in front of my camera.
Nudibranch tail, I love the colors of this picture. I was quite deep when I took the picture and was nearing deco time so I only got one shot, but I like the result.
Colourfull hermit crab. olympus C-7070 with Inon strobe.
Hmmm, I'm really curious about your camera....
C-7070 with Inon strobe.
These are great looking shrimp. Just a pity they're so small, it's hard to get a good shot.
Olumpus C-7070 camera with Inon strobe.
Tulamben wreck, Bali is a great place for macro photography. I love the colours of this cowrie shell.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
good diagonals
At Tulamben wreck I saw this huge mantis shrimp. I had heard they can easily brake a lens with a hit of their legs so I approached very cautiously but since it didn't seem bothered at all I got within less than 5cm to get this shot.
It's alwasy hard to make a good picture of Pygmee seahorses since they keep hiding as soon as you approach with a lens. This time my wife was on the other side of the gorgonian to stop it from moving away and I finally got a good shot.
Bunaken, Indonesia.
Olympus C-5050.
I caught this little soapfish while eating a banded shrimp.
Lembeh Straits. Olympus C-5050
Beautiful Nudibranch, quite big too, about 20cm!
Popoh, Indonesia. C-5050 w. single strobe.
Lembeh straits. Olympus C-5050.
314 Entries Found: Page 11  of  12