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by Tommy Harivaldo

a frogfish with a nudibranch, together side by side. even different species, but they need each others. just like us.

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by Margriet Tilstra

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Glenn Ian Villanueva (2nd place)
Magali Marquez (3rd place)
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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Patrick Reardon

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Very small spotted cleaner shrimp, one of many in with anemone. Nikon 105 with Subsee 5X; 1/125, f32.
Tunicates. Trying out my new Subsee 5X with Nikon 105.
How to avoid running over attractive young surfer chicks. Bonzai Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu.
Froggie Nest. This is a group of four frog fish inside the wheelhouse of a wreck. Largest (orange, up and right) was a two-foot long fish. Tail of one is orange and to the left. Shot from several feet away with 105 macro.
Idyllic afternoon. North Shore, Oahu.
A surfer is frozen in time and space as he carves out the top of a wave at Pipeline. North Shore, Oahu.
Waikiki sunset. Oahu, Hawaii.
A crowded wave at Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
nice topside action shot Patrick
Kangaroo nudibranch. Maui, Hawaii. Very uncommon.
This octopus actually came out of hiding on the reef and began to put on a fantastic color display that the camera couldn't capture, then retreated. I suppose I was too near its abode.
Hermit crab taking refuge under a cushion star. Maui, Hawaii
A sea pearl, the largest single-celled organism, does its best "Tiger Eye" impression. A simple subject that came out ok under the strobes.
Gold Lace nudibranch, Maui, Hawaii. Found just below a huge frog fish. Completely missed by the group who were distracted by the froggie. Once they moved on, and the dust settled, I mined a little gold.
White Mouth Moray, Maui, Hawaii.
Longnose Hawkfish, Maui Hawaii.
One last kaleidoscopic image for 2010. Another good diver's table cloth pattern. enjoy.
Kaleidoscopic image from a macro shot of a box star.
Kaleidoscopic image from a Day Octopus.
Christmas Tree Worms. Grand Cayman.
Conch Point. Grand Cayman.
Dont know what this is. Couldn't find it in any of the books. Beautiful coloring. Looks like a small stonefish/scorpionfish by its coloring. Shark nosed goby visible for size comparison. Help welcomed on ID'ing it. Grand Cayman.
Beautiful fish. Love the coloring. Grand Cayman.
As a rule, Photoshop's panorama function is easy to use and the results are very good. This time....not so good. This is the actual output. Maybe I spilled some wine on the computer?
Noticed this "hydra" atop a coral. Don't know what it is.
Secretary Blenny, Grand Cayman.
Pederson's shrimp. Grand Cayman. Common, but after I looked at the shot topside, I saw the anemone in the background. Just managed to achieve a soft transillumination with the strobe that looks really nice.
Sharknose goby on coral. Love the "3D" effect of the coral and the depth of field.
308 Entries Found: Page 6  of  12