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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Mark Thomas

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Babbacombe, May 09.
D200 20mm.
Sepiola atlantica - the little cuttle.
Aughrusmore Pier, Connemara.
D3 105mm.
Spider crab in Streamstown Bay.
D3 10.5mm.
Painted Goby eating worm.
Aughrusmore Pier, Connemara.
D3 60mm wet diopter.
Moon Jellyfish.
Aughrusmore, Connemara.
D3 105mm.
Doggy paddle.
Omey Strand, Connemara.
Flying fish.
December 2008,
D200 10.5mm.
Capernwray - the site for freshwater UWP in UK.
Cuttlefish - Sepia offincinalis.
Penlee Point, Plymouth.
D3 105mm.
Little Cuttle.
Aughrusmore Pier, Connemara.
D3 105mm.
Moon jellyfish in Streamstown Bay, Connemara.
D3, 16mm.
Crinoid squat lobster - Lembeh.
Mr H in action on a cold winter's dive in Capernwray.
10.5mm. Natural light.
Tompot blenny with fine set of teeth.
Menai Straits, N. Wales.
Mr H and diamond sturgeon - first time underwater with the D3s.
Capernwray, yesterday, 16mm.
Mooring buoy covered in plumose anemones etc.
Little Killary, Scubadive West.
Pogge or Hooknose.
Aughrusmore, Connemara.
Grey seal posing for Mr H.
Farne Islands, Oct 08.
Flying Fish - trout in Capernwray.
Winter 09.
Snake pipefish.
Trefor Pier, N. Wales.
Five-bearded Rockling.
Aughrusmore Pier, Connemara.
Cuttlefish - a male looking in vain for a female, local fishermen are taking these cuttlefish before they have chance to breed.
Babbacombe. April 09. 20mm.
Compass Jellyfish, floating over sea grass.
Mr H and sturgeon on the Podsnap.
Thorny Seahorse.
Porcupine fish.
Floating stick - in the shallows at Capernwray.
Brown trout - cold clear waters of Capernwray.
Jan 09, temp = 5'C.
680 Entries Found: Page 10  of  26