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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Fiona Ayerst

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Tiger shark approaching cameraman. oops.
Tigers and balck tips in green water. awesome effects
black tips all over the place in RSA
Tiger Shark Photography in Africa. Wild.
topside modelling on the ocean- a cool change from underwater and fish

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Nice, professionally setup brochure shot
chokka laying eggs on the annual squid run in Port Elizabeth area south africa
Child loving the water- future free diver?
A photographer captures the action free diving with Dolphins in Africa
chokka laying eggs and mating during the annual chokka season in Port st Francis South Africa
A turtle fancies the dome port- either as jelly-fish food or to see its own image?

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
now here's how to shoot a turtle, exaggerate the scale with a CFWA and a diver behind (no touching of course)
freediver follows Tiger down. taken with Nikonos v
free diver and cameraman at about 15 m's with a beauty of a tiger shark at Umkomaas South Africa. Taken with a Nikonos V and a 15 mm lens

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
freediving with tiger sharks - wow!
mother and child portaits- loving the water
black and white image of child enjoying being underwater taken with Nikon D100 in sea adn sea housing
Hairy squat Lobster in a sponge barrel taken with Nikon F100 and a 105 lens with 4T Dioptre
cupid in the Pool!taken with D100 in sea&sea housing and no strobes
mother and child enjoy the warm pool water. relaxed. taken with D100 in sea and sea houding and 10.5mm fisheyelens

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
fun, family, what more can you ask for!
Model and child have fun in the pool. no strobes. natural light. natural smiles
Double Tiger trouble. 2 Tiger sharks coming towards me split away at last mintue. Nikonos V and 15 mm lens
Freediver and sunburst with D100 on very high F stop and shutter speed.
a friendly potato bass makes our dive very special.taken with a 16mm fisheye to get up close and personal
Diving in a deep blue canyon with walls covered in basket stars. One opened up for us despite the time of day!
model and turtle on the move!using 16 mm fisheye to get up close and personal
Tiger shark and free diver dance around each other near Durban South Africa
an inquisitive pod of dolphins checks us out.feediving. Nikon F100 and 16 mm lens. no strobes.
chokka or squid in a mating dance in Port Elizabeth South Africa taken with a Nikon f100 and a 20 mm lens
Diver and very friendly moray eel getting to grips with each other. Nikon F100 16 mm fisheye lens and sea and sea housing with 2x 120 strobes

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Not everyone's idea of a cuddle!
119 Entries Found: Page 4  of  5