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by Jeffrey Lim

Ambon scorpionfish in Anilao

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Steven Anderson

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This photo of a Spottted Trunkfish was taken in Roatan. This little critter looks like he has his eye on me. The photo was taken using my DC500 with 2 external strobes.
This photo was taken in Roatan. This Banded Coral Shrimp found refuge in a Big Barrel Sponge.Almost looks like it is free floating but it was clinging to the sponges side.
This photo of my friend Doug on the wall at Calvin's Crack, peering thru the Deep Water Gorgonians which cover the sides of the wall.
Diving in Roatan always provides photo opportunities like this. This photo was taken with my DC500 and 2 external flash units.
This photo was taken at Mikes Reef in Nassau. This shallow reef reminded me of an aquarium with all of the life found while diving the site. I used my DC500 and external flash units and a wide angle lens.
Even the different types of sponge have lots of color. I like the shapes and formation, always makes for a good shot. I used my DC500 and 2 digital flash units along with a wide angle lens.
Who is the leader? These Porkfish are always enjoying the current at this dive site in Cozumel. They seem to enjoy having their photo taken.
Our divemaster in search of lunch, this photo was taken in Cozumel. The wreck is a Mexican Navy boat sunk during Hurricane Wilma. Lots of lobster under the hull! A clear and beautiful morning!
There is no excitement in this photo but there is a view of the life found on the wall off Roatan. I love the place and find myself diving there at least once a year.
This photo was taken in Nassau while diving with Stuarts Cove. These animals were massive and maybe disappointed by not being fed on this dive. I used my DC500 w/ wide angle lens and dual flash units.
This photo was taken at Shark Wall, while diving with Stuarts Cove in Nassau. If a diver does not exhale in front of these big animals they will come right in close for the perfect photo opportunity.
This photo was taken during a night dive in Roatan. I love the shapes and formations of these sponges that have grown for years along the walls, which are some of Roatan's best attractions.
This photo was taken 13 years ago with a Reefmaster made by Sealife,it is film which I have scanned. It is fun looking thru my library of thousands of photos. These are Convict Tangs off the beach called Tunnels in Kauai. A beautiful snorkeling reef.
Hurry, Hurry, the Porkfish at my favorite site off Cozumel. I think they enjoy being photographed.
Which way is up? These Banded Coral Shrimp posed and were fearless as I snapped a few photos.I used my DC500 with dual flash units.
Talk about clear water and bright sun! This is a photo taken in the clear waters off Cozumel. I was snorkeling above this wreck while the divemaster checked the wreck. Thanks for a great trip Liquid Blue Divers.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
This wreck sits in the frame nicely
Yes, another Feather Duster found on the reef in Roatan.
This image is some species of a Nudibranchia or Sea Slug. Careful eyes to find this creature on the reef in Roatan. I used my DC500 to photograph this critter and used 2 external flash units.
Although the photo is boring the color is beautiful. This photo was taken while entering Marys Place in Roatan last year. Lots to see off the wall which is home to the premier dive site in Roatan.
Diving in Roatan always offers the chance for a small but candid shot. This Neon Gobie decided he would slow down for a photo. I used a DC500 and dual external flashes when I shot this photo in 2007.
The Queen of the sea slips thru a crack in the wall . This photo was taken in 2006 while diving in Roatan.
Coming and Going on the Felipe Xicotencati off Cozumel, which has been torn apart by Hurricane Wilma. This photo was taken with my DC200 and 1 external flash. This photo was taken in 2004.
Are you my mother? These two Lionfish occupied the same hiding spot. This photo was taken at Mikes Reef in Nassau. These fish which are not native to these waters seemed to be everywhere I dove in Nassau.
This photo was under exposed and I decided to run it thru CS2, its not as good as I wanted it but someone else can give me some suggestions, this Spotted Moray was trying to hide at Mikes Reef in Nassau.
I did a little experimenting with saturation and contrast. The photo was taken in Nassau last year. Got lots of photos of this curious Spotted Moray Eel.
This photo was taken in Nassau while diving on Mike's Reef. I used my DC500 with 2 external flash units.
This photo was taken last October while swimming along the walls of Roatan. I used my DC500 w/ wide angle lens and 2 external flash units.
1315 Entries Found: Page 41  of  49