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Amphipods on a coral flower

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Mona Dienhart

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while I was trying to take a decent shot of some anthias this big blue guy just swam close by. Olympus E410 in Ikelite housing wiht one DS125 strobe
I was lucky enough to watch this cowfish for while. It was looking for food and at one moment it took a quick look at me. Face to Face.
Taken with Olympus E-410 50 mm macro in Ikelite housing
I was lucky enough to find this couple of pygmies with this dark backround. Really cooperative.
Taken in Selayar, South Sulawesi, with an Olympus E-410 in Ikelite housing and single DS125 strobe.
My home is my castle.
This tiny octopus was hiding in this shell. I love the symetry of its arms. Taken in the Lembeh Straits, Hairball.
Taken with an Olympus E-410 in an Ikelite housing with a single DS125 strobe
new haircut
This lovely fellow sits quietly on the dark sand in Lembeh Strait
taken with m E-410 in Ikelite housing and single DS125 strobe
crayfish close up, taken in the Blausteinsee, close to Aachen in Germany
three dive buddies at the Similans
small wreck off Hurghada, taken with the E-900 in Ikelite housing and DS-125 strobe
detail of willani nudibranch taken in Bunaken
taken in Bunaken NP
a cooperating pygmy seahorse on one of our dives in Lembeh
red fish for dinner, Enjoy your meal!
This soft coral was overpopulated with crabs, it was funny just to watch them hiding, reappearing, dissapearing...
taken in Lembeh
This tiny trumpet fish found the perfect coloured crinoid to hide.
crab wandering on his featherstar on a night dive in Bunaken
taken with a Fujifilm E900
unusual yellow scorpionfish in the waters of Lembeh Straits
taken with Fujifilm E900 and DS125 strobe
imperator shrimp on seacucumber on the dark sand of Lembeh Straits

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
a nice study in orange Mona
close up
striking colours on a night dive in Bunaken NP
Hairy frogfish on the famous black sand in Lembeh Straits
eye to eye with a....flatworm
taken with my Sea&Sea camera and then scanned witj a Minotla Dimage scanner
8.30am, returning from Elphinstone by Zodiac, we met these dolphins in the bay of Marsa Shagra Ecolodge. They were playing around for half an hour.
Taken with a Sony DSC F-828, in Ikelite housing, no strobe
tiny little nudi is wandering around a seastar, found around Kapalai.
I like it's backround!
taken with a Sony DSC F-828 in an Ikelite housing and DS 125 external strobe
there are no words to explain how you feel when you arrive at Manta reef and just watch the ballet of the mantas at the cleaning station. Taken with the Sea
&Sea MM II
I was very happy to get this shy underwater creature pose in front of my lens in the dark cave in Madeira.
My first stargazer!! taken with my Sea&Sea Motormaine II. This 80 minute night dive just off Cabilao is simply amazing.
283 Entries Found: Page 10  of  11