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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Patrick Neumann

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HarlekinShrimps @ Richilieu Rock taken with Canon 400D + 60mm Macro lens
Crab Show!!!
FULL FRAME Shot of a porcelan crab taken with Canon 400D & 60mm macro lens. In Thailand these crab are only to find in the Anemones with the short tentakels. In Burma they are also in these Anemones.
Botox Sweetlip. Taken with Canon 400D + 100mm Macro lens
A Turtle just get another breath. Taken with Canon 400D+Fisheye Lens
Canon 400D + 60mm Macro lens
Face to Face with a curious Sepia at Three Sisters/Burma taken in March 2008 with a Canon 400D + 60mm Macro lens & two Inon strobes
Scorpion Portrait
FULL FRAME. Taken with Canon 400D = 60mm Macr lens
Whats up Crab!
FULL FRAME - taken with Canon 400D + 60mm macro lens @ SharkCave Burma

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
High Five!
Canon 400D + 60mm Macro lens
Keep Smiling!!!
Canon 400D + 60mm Macro lens
Fishing for food
This little beautyposed for me at Orange Rock/Burma. Taken with Canon 400D + Hugy Housing + 60mm macrolens
this image i shot at Western Rocky/Burma. We had a visibility of 30m + this day smile

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
a central subject but well isolated from the background
Anemone Knight
Scorpionfish portrait
gobyflirt/ Fuji E900
Easy Rider
whiteeyed Muray Portrait taken at Koh doc Mai/Thailand with a E900+macro lenses
Octopus from Similan Islands taken with Fuji E900 + CU lenses at East of Eden
porcelan crab @Richi/thailand in february 07 taken with Fuji E900/CU lenses double inons
Cleaner shrimp taken at Hin Daeng/South Thailand with Fuji E900 + Close up lense
Portrait of a Croc whilest northtour Red Sea/Egypt taken with Reefmaster DC 500
Coming through the window, taken at a wreck near Hurghada with my "old" Reefmaster DC 500
Nudi portrait taken at Similan Islands with a E900+ cu lenses
lovely sunset @Koh Chang/Thailand taken with Fuji E900
Nudi climbing taken with Fuji E900 & close up lenses
312 Entries Found: Page 10  of  12