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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Rory Ferguson

71 Entries Found: Page 2  of  3
slender roboastra, crop and resize only
looking for dinner, resize only no crop or touch up
Kune's chromodoris abt to have lunch
orang otan crab those hairs really make it difficult to focus !!!
D300s with 105 lens, single D.2000 strobe iso 800 shutter 100 f.22 any hints or advice welcomed
first attempt with a dSLR with 105macro lens, no crop or photoshop done so helpful comments/ suggestions welcomed
shrimp and squat lobster in featherstar
taken with Sony T3 point n press
crinoid shrimp found on house reef maumere bay,Flores
hitchin a ride
Red Bristled Hermit Crab, Taken on night dive Maumere Bay
Sony T3
white eyed moray coming in for a closer look
Glandular Chromodoris found on the hull of a wreck on Perhentian Islands.
Partner shrimp on whip coral, Perhentian Islands Malaysia
Ok blowing my own trumpet here but this one really is called Rory's Flabellina. Found at 20m on sand, Perhentian Islands, Sony T3
Red-lined Jorunna (jorunna rubescens)
Tulamben Bali
Shaggy Aegires (Aegires villosus) this critter was only about 1cm in size so the original has been cropped.
sony T3
i'm watching you watching me watching you... etc
Sony T3
Same White-Spotted Chromodoris as a few wks ago but from different angle, with a lot more of the foot showing
food and a free ride sometimes life is so easy
Blue Ringed Occy and i think he's trying to say "that's quite close enough" Sony T3
The lenth's some sponges will go to to be photographed just because divers like seahorse's.
just for fun this entry no votes required.
Dusky Nembrotha and friends. Maumere bay Flores.
Sony T3
Asian Bornella in search for food.
Perhentian Islands Malaysia.
Sony T3
Xeno Crab on whip coral (once it stopped running round to the far side)
Sony T3
Whte-Spotted Chromodoris from Perhentian Islands.
Sony T3
Kune's Chromodoris, SonyT3,
just liked the mix of colours i guess.
undescribed species taken with Sony T3 point n press
whipcoral shrimp. no cropping no photoshop jus point shoot n move on. Sony T3 with strobe
71 Entries Found: Page 2  of  3