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Week 26 winner

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by Glenn Ian Villanueva

This is a photo of a fish in a jellyfish, hiding from predators. Taken in Anilao, Philippines during one of our blackwater di

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by Penn De Los Santos

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Glenn Ian Villanueva (2nd place)
Brenda De Vries (3rd place)
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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Daniel Strub

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Small gobie on a coral :-)
Lettuce croal - the bautifull green colored coral was just amazing and so full of life :-))
curious damsel :-))
Sven finishing his dive at Rivaz gare, just great fun :-))
a couple of fairy basslets :-)
Nudibranch eggs ...
This yawning clown fish (amphiprion bicinctus) is not completely sharp, but i like the host anemone's form and colour :-).
Yawning Crocodile fish(papillociliceps longiceps) - i spent almos half an hour waiting for him to yawn. I finally got him :-))
Curious lemon butterflyfish (chaetodon semilarvatus) :-)
Pterois volitans - flying over the reef :-))
UFO? - Flying flatworm
El Quseir, coral life. Magnificent,huge and well inhabitated lettuce coral (Leptoseris cucullata). Great fun :-)
Divebuddy Pili_bond back from the Wels barge ... i love the green of our lake :-))
A young european Bullhead hiding in the sand. Night dive on Rivaz, great fun :-))
The "Wels Barge" and divers ... great fun and great dive :-))
Diver in the Lake Neuchâtel
The Pike and the UW-Photographer :-) what a great moment, just love it
King "PIKE" in his small pond. What a great place. I just love it :-)
My friend Pili during a dive on the "Wels catfish barge" ... i love the colour of our lakes :-)
Solenostomus paradoxus, Gato Island, Malapascua. Il love this spot.
Whipcoral-gobie during a night dive in Alona. Great fun, great dive, great place :-)
Friend and Buddy Sven on his way to get a picture of the pike posing for me :-) Great fun, great dive, Thanx Bro
Scorpion leaf-fish. just great fun :-))
A funny and very curious pearch who came and went during several minutes. great dive at "Le Duzillet", great fun :-))
My friend and dive buddy Sven on our small wreck "Zigounette" alias "the Wels Barge". great dive, great fun :-))
We newly re-baptised this wreck "la Barque aux Silures - lit. the wels barge - in relation to the mediterranean Conger Barge ... We have at least two regular "resident" wels catfishs :-) Watta great dive
Sattleback Clown fish in Dauin, car wreck - great dive, great fun :-)
615 Entries Found: Page 20  of  23