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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Daniel Strub

615 Entries Found: Page 11  of  23
Titan trigger fish big grin
Merry Xmas & Happy Nü Year big grin
Couple of bannerfishs ... funny guys big grin
This surgeon fish was waiting for the divers to end the dive and there he was playing with our bubbles big grin
... hmmmmm ... pike big grin
Seahorse in l'Etang de Thau big grin - it was a very cold dive in wierd conditions, wasn't it Sven???
Juv. damsel big grin
Subex House Reef big grin
Fistularia commersonii big grin
Pterois Volitans big grin
Bigmouth makerels at Subex house reef, El Quseir big grin
... into the light ... big grin
A. pictus big grin
Cleaner wrasse (labroides dimidiatus) big grin
A gobbie trying to swallow his prey big grin
Diving in the clear waters of Verzasca big grin
Hunting bigmouth makrels in El Quadim Bay big grin
Anthias in El Quadim house reef big grin
Red sea anemone fish in El Quadim House reef big grin
Just another pike big grin
big grin
big grin
King pike in a small pond close to Mitsch's home big grin
Butterflyfish in El Quseir big grin
Last weeks dive with buddy Sven in Sète at the Etang de Thau big grin
Anthias and cleaning blennie big grin The cleaner was at a station where he was more interested by the divers mouths than by his fellow fishs ...
Pterois volitans ... big grin
615 Entries Found: Page 11  of  23