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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Arun Madisetti

381 Entries Found: Page 3  of  15
surfacing (taken under permit), Ikelite, Nikon D7200
they look at you and know (image under permit)
Sperm Whale smile. (taken under permit)
little and large (taken under permit)
False killer whales
Bearded fireworm fluorescing under blacklight.
Coastal view East coast Commonwealth of Dominica
Brain coral under fluorescence, actually one of my lights gave out and this was the result. Much better Id say.
Star eye hermit under fluorescent light
spotted dolphin riding the bow wave
Fun with fluorescence.
trumpet fish posing
P Yucatinicus the spotted cleaner shrimp
Safe in the hydroids
A loach in a rain forest stream
Scorpionfish portrait.
The ubiquitous Thor, on a brown sun anemone
Redlipped blenny smiling
A lovely bunch feather duster worms.
a "fly by" to say hi. taken under permit
Sperm whales just hanging out and being social (under permit)
Sperm whale dropping to between 4-600m to feed on squid. (taken under permit)
Freediver and Sperm Whale. (image taken under permit)
Rush hour.
Sperm Whales off the Commonwealth of Dominica, (taken under permit)
one mans trash is another mans treasure. Floating 3 miles offshore was this tiny seahorse.
taken under permit
You cannot pass. Sperm whale playfully puts itself between me and the boat. (under permit)
381 Entries Found: Page 3  of  15