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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Gosia Nowodyla

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Hidden beauty of Polish lakes II.
Whenever you go deep down, remember to take some light with you:)
It's nice to read something from time to time:)
My sons have just startet their scuba diving adventure. Since they are still primary school pupils their diving is more play with water than real diving, but this is how they imagine this beautiful and secret world of hidden treasure:)
Apnea Festival in Poland - Freediving competition - a freediver is getting ready to beat his life rocord in static cathegory.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
such concentration makes this intriguing
Freediving in a lake.
Autumn mixing - changes in water. The lake is getting ready to winter. Very poor visibility:(
The end of ice diving but where is the other diver ???
Going down to the blue, to make an underwater film.
Can you find the treasure??? But be careful the sharks are watching you:)
Scuba, Merry Christmas to all divers:)
... "Daddy said we would be scuba divers like he is ..."
" Daddy! Are we going to be scuba divers like you are?"
Goodbye Red Sea. I will remember you ...
Scuba diving - not only an exciting adventure but great experience as well.
Salem Express.
My friend is tieing up some flowers on the Salem Express Wreck (we picked the flowers earlier and had to put them in a plastic bag so that they wouldn't get destroyed while jumping into the water and going down to the wreck).
... tired of being deep down for such a long time, I'm going out of the water ...
My Red Sea memories:)
Scuba joker:)
... some are filming, while others are taking pictures ...
Underwater filming.
Returning from the deep blue.
Making a documentary on underwater life.
A window to the blue.
Salem Express
... while spending time on the sea, it is nice to feel, that you are safe ...
53 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2