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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Gosia Nowodyla

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... not everything that glitters always has to be precious...
Monster diver smile
... The divers have finally found what they had been kooking for ...
... the picture of an old fishing boat that has never existed ...
Even being deep down, a lady is always beautiful:)
Late night swimming and no school tomorrow! This is what kids like most:)
... when the wreck of a mysteriously lost fishing boat appeared in the deep, the diver noticed something strange that worried him ...
The guards of underwater treasure:)
Sorry, no night diving today, the weather doesn't seem to be right for scuba activities:(
Is so great to feel free when going down into the blue:)
Whenever you are diving alone, just make sure nobody or nothing is watching you secretly behind !!!
Hidden beauty of Polish lakes.
Freedom in diving, a single breath, deep blue and the rocky bottom ...
This is when the fun begins ...
A little boy with his grandfather both exploring the deep blue. They only have a single breath, each other's company and the blue abyss offering them its beauty. The image symbolizes great family relations & respect.
... having reached the coral canyon, they finally found the wreck of the old treaasure ship ... at that moment they realised they were not alone ...

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
A nice idea Gosia
'What are they waiting for??? Don't they feel like getting out of the water???'
Everybody is trying to get out of the water ... but there are two divers beneath showing OK ... probably they don't feel like getting out smile
... They were tired, cold, hungry... found no treasure they had been looking for, but they knew they were finally safe and close to the familiar place ...
A diver making a video documentary on TETI wreck. About 25 meters deep.
A small but beautiful gorgonia.
Waiting on a deco stop.
TETI wreck near VIS island.
After a scuba visit on a TETI wreck. A slow ascent after spending great time admiring one of the most beautiful and picturesque Adriatic wrecks.
TETI wreck of a steamship built in 1883. Sunk on 23 May 1930 hitting the rocks of a small island , rests between 10 and 35 meters, near VIS island. Perfectly preserved, rests on a small sandy slope. A beautiful and gorgeous photographic site.
Gorgonia gardens.
...having sailed across stormy waters of the open sea, they finally reached the place called "The steel reef"...the unknown abyss was ready to reveal some of the secrects ... the view the divers saw created the atmosphere of excitement and fear...
53 Entries Found: Page 2  of  2