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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Linley Jean-Yves Bignoux

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Balaclava ,Mauritius ,Northern Mauritian coast
Linley Jean-Yves Bignoux
Canon 7D/Ikelite housing twin ds160 stobes
Jebeda Shipwreck Mauritius
by Linley Jean-Yves Bignoux
Canon 7D Ikelite housing ,natural light
depth 32 M
Plate Coral -Mauritius/Linley Jean-Yves Bignoux
Canon 7d Ikelite housing DS160 Strobe
Puffer Fish Mauritius/ Linley Jean-Yves Bignoux
Diver on deco Mauritius
Linley Jean-Yves Bignoux/Canon 7d Ikelite housing twin strobe
Mauritius Roches Noires -East Coast
Linley Jean-Yves Bignoux/Canon 7d Tamron Wide angle 10 -24mm
Linley Jean-Yves Bignoux
Mauritius East Coast -Roches Noires
evening sunset over the bay of Roches Noires /Canon 7D 10 24 MM Tamron lens
Canon 7D /Linley Jean-Yves Bignoux
Stella Maru
Linley Jean-Yves Bignoux
Stella Maru -Mauritius
Canon 7D /Ikelite housing Twin Strobes half power
30 m
Canon 7d Bras deau east coast
Photo shot in Port Phillip Bay Victoria Australia
Southern Australia
Mahebourg Bay 5 m to 7 m
Canon 7D
Grand Bay Mauritius 22 m ,Canon 7D DSLR/Ikelite housing
strobes flash 3/4 full
Canon 7d/Ikelite Housing Octopus Melbourne Australia - Port Phillip Bay
Southern Australia
Canon 7D /Southern Mauritius
Gunners Point 7 m -black and white shot underwater Canon 7D
After plying my trade and learning to Dive in Australia over 5 years to become a Divemaster and then Instructor as a professional was great to take photos to relax after the hard work
While on a photography dive in Flic en Flac with a slight current .Jut dived Cathedral dive site Canon 7d Ikelite housing ,Tamron 10-24 mark 2 Wide Angle Twin Stobes off/No flash
Roches Noires Mauritius after the dive East coast Mauritius
Scuba Diver Mauritius
Wreck Dive Balaclava 35 metres
Linley Jean-Yves Bignoux photo Canon 7D Ikelite housing
Northern Mauritius -Post Lafeyette -
Undewater Photographer Linley Jean-Yves Bignoux
After many dives in Balaclava on the north eastern coast of Mauritius for a week ,capturing fleets of fish were the only good photos i got has taken on this dive in the afternoon.
Canon 7D-Mauritius island
Diver at Coin De Mire -Gunners Point -Mauritius .7 metres
Canon 7D
Centre hull of Hasan Mian -Mauritus island -Indian Ocean
Canon 7D
Mian Shipwreck .Balaclava
Canon 7D
We have all had this ,especially with a surging current on a afternoon dive .Mauritius island -Grand Bay
Canon 7D-Ikelite housing ,1 quarter flash single stobe on
Canon 7D-Rempart Serpent .Natural light sinks into the vast Indian Ocean on decent to max 56 metres.Mauritius
After a 15 minute stop on Nitrox deco.This max 65 metre dive was full of spare time as well know .There just something about those stops that make it all worthwile ..silence.
Canon 7D-Tuna Wall ,Mauritius
175 Entries Found: Page 3  of  7