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by Penn De Los Santos

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Glenn Carballo (2nd place)
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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Baltic Sea

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Seagrass Bed of Zostera marina, covered by filamentous algae
Burning Jelly
Baltic brackish water isopod. Saduria entomon
Pholis Gunnelus
When the weather is clear like on this winter morning in subzero temperatures and water clear and close to slush ice ... this is when you know why you go through all the hazzle smile
Water temp -1 Degree and clear wiz ... a rare thing in the strait between Denmark and Sweden
Egg of mayfly in shallow water.
Midsommarfjärden (Midsummer Bay)
Diver investigating a jelly
Shrimp (nordic)
The scandinavian "kutling" or in warmer water the Perch is very shy. 105mm iTTL
The "nudies" is easyly found in great numbers during the early spring in Denmark
Winter dive in the Baltic ... water temperature -1C
Baltic Sea. Hanko Finland
Hanko Finland
Baltic Sea Hanko
PSK "Sevan", Baltic sea, depth 32m
Doing a late evening dive with our local diveclub.
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Lumpsucker - Male
Dancing in front of my domeport
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editor's comments

Editor's Comment
here's how to make a central subject work - fill the frame and keep it symetrical
Danish Jellyfish near the surface.
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Danish Jellyfish.
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More Photos: click here
More Photos: click here
176 Entries Found: Page 5  of  7

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