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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Molucca Sea

1238 Entries Found: Page 7  of  46
Chromodoris annae
Whip Coral Goby
Fimbriated Moray Eel
Did you know that Mandarin fish only reproduce around sundown? They swim up in a matter of 2 seconds and release their eggs and sperm.
Close up Headshot of a very shy Sea horse with head bowing down
Common Seahorse
Coconut Octopus (Amphioctopus marginatus) in its shelter, in the black lava sand of Lembeh Strait. This fascinating creature can be seen walking the bottom carrying coconut shells or seashells under its arms, until finding a safe spot where it settle
Baby Frogfish in Lembeh Strait.
'Chasing the Dragon' this beatiful Dragon Faced Pipefish was a slippery subject but finally gave me a brief chance to celebrate its beauty after patiently following and wiating for the right moment. Shot in Lembeh Strait using a Canon G7Xii and inon
Did you know that Mandarin fish mate just after sunset and that they live in small populations and are very skiddish? You can only find them using red lights, which they can't see.. The mating only lasts for a few seconds.
Did you know that this octopus usually burries themselves in the sand, making it next to impossible to get a good photo of them? Photographed with a +5 Sea and Sea wet diopter and snoot.
Did you know that there are thirty species of clownfish recognized? and that Anemonefish are omnivorous and can feed on undigested food from their host anemones, and the fecal matter from the anemonefish provides nutrients to the sea anemone?
Did you know that, despite the typically small size of its members, the family Gobiidae is the largest family of marine fishes, being the home of over 2,000 species? This lemon drop Goby is typically a very shy critter and is very small (it is sittin
Did you know that these are called boxer crabs, boxing crabs and pom-pom crabs? And did you know that they are notable for their mutualism with sea anemones, which they hold in their claws for defense? In return, the anemones get carried around which
Did you know that Porcelain crabs are small, usually with body widths of less than 15 mm (0.59 in)? They also share the general body plan of a squat lobster, but their bodies are more compact and flattened, an adaptation for living and hiding under r
Banggai cardinalfish
Magic reef with Banggai cardinalfish
Lightning in the eye of the scorpionfish. Did you know scorpionfish are venomous and that they are 'suction-feeders'? This one was photographed in the Lembeh Strait.
A coral wire shrimp in black and white
A dwarf lionfish

Lembeh strait - tiger shrimp in double exposure
Chromodoris kunei
Juvenile clownfish and the sea anemone
Lying in ambush (Cymbacephalus beauforti)
Rising to the stars
A well camouflaged cuttlefish
1238 Entries Found: Page 7  of  46

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