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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Black Sea

232 Entries Found: Page 4  of  9
Sakko&Vanzetti wreck
40 meters deep. Water Temp. +8C
Near Kinburn.
It are looking so tired...
Stormy jelly
All children are divers - the depth is not important!
Tasty evening.
5.6. 1/80. 100. Olympus SP560
It was sitting from above water-plant brush and wiggle-wagled!
Diver's child.
No sharks, only blennies...
.My favourite blenny air and watch over her aggs?
It put some particles in her mouth and threw away from her hole many times! And then it swim away and go home and her tail go home at first!
They are waiting for night diver. Who can say that its are artefacts?
The real monster!
Dancing Lady.
Underwater kalian!
Our PADI instructor Yuriy took kalian and swam to good place, than put it and was "smoking" some minutes and than he uninstaled it and swam away. All time he didn't breathe was 4.5 minutes! I have video about it!
The surprize.
It was swimming quickly.
The first dive - it is so not delitious and not tasty!
Each age has it's raisins...
Each diver has Neptune bunch of star flowers if he is smiling.
The happy father.
A little of philosophy:"And why did my father say that the Earth is tender and defenceless?"
I am the main diver!!!
And when did you were so happy at last?
232 Entries Found: Page 4  of  9

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